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Inside the September 2013 issue...

Bid Protests: The Costs are Real, but the Benefits Outweigh Them, Part 1 of 2 Access Restricted
A discussion of the history, benefits, and costs of bid protests.
By: Daniel I. Gordon

They Wrote It, But Did They Read It? If They Read It, Did They Understand It? Access Restricted
Every year contracting officers are the authors of millions of contract actions; solicitations, contracts, and modifications. This article reviews a number of the passages written, and ponders whether the contracting officers actually read what they had written.
By: John Krieger

Start-Up Entity Intellectual Property Due Diligence Checklist Access Restricted
In order to systematically cover the multitude of unique issues in the review of a typical start-up entity intellectual property portfolio, follow this "Start-Up Entity Intellectual Property Due Diligence Checklist."
By: Johnny Miller

A Service Contractor's Guide to Planning for the Affordable Care Act Access Restricted
While it can be difficult for service contractors to implement a stable and compliant health benefit program using fringe dollars, doing so will increase the stability of their company while also providing employees the health benefits required by law.
By: Taylor Boon

Professional Development Access Restricted
Generation Y in the Workplace
By: Santor Nishizaki

Legal Forum Access Restricted
How to Rack Up $1 Million in Nonreimbursable Costs on a Cost Reimbursement Contract
By: Jack Horan and Patrick J. Stanton

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