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Inside the July 2013 issue...

Seeing Excellence: Learning From Great Procurement Teams Access Restricted
Look around you. Learn from colleagues whose stories demonstrate the essential elements of effective project and quality management.
By: Richard Pennington

Preparing for the "Big Test": Using Internal Reviews to Ensure Purchasing System Success Access Restricted
A concise roadmap for the implementation of an internal review process, with strategies and tips for using internal review results to dramatically improve purchasing system output and obtain system approval during government review.
By: Mark Hijar

9 Steps for Avoiding an Ethical Disaster During Sequestration Access Restricted
Follow these nine recommendations in order to avoid ethical violations due to contract reductions brought about by the sequester.
By: Eric R. Feldman

The Two Most Important Questions About Your Contract, Part 2 of 2 Access Restricted
There are two simple, yet critically important questions that reveal a great deal about how a contract is being managed: 1) "What exactly is the contract?" and 2) "How do you know when it's done?"
By: Tom Reid

Mythbusting: Communication With Industry Access Restricted
The myth that industry days are of low value is well overdue for "busting." PEO STRI's monthly PALT industry days provide industry representatives with the status of programs, ongoing procurements, and the distinct opportunity to request updates on specific procurements. Now, more than ever, enhancing communication through events like these is absolutely vital.
By: Jeffrey D. Claar

Bigger, Better, Faster: Our Chat With Thomas A. Sharpe Jr. Access Restricted
In May 2013, NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti sat down with Thomas Sharpe, CPCM, Fellow, commissioner of the General Services Administration's Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), to discuss FAS' major initiatives in the current austere federal government contracting environment.
By: Ryan Burke

Nondevelopmental Item Procurements: Achieving Results Through Design Re-Use Access Restricted
An analysis of NDI procurements, which allow government entities to use existing products to fulfill new technical requirements in order to maximize the efficient use of resources.
By: David Cooley and Amanda Fales

Enhanced Due Diligence to Reduce Risk: A Powerful Government Contracting Tool for Extraordinary Times Access Restricted
An examination of the factors affecting contractors' financial and operational viability, as well as a discussion on how to determine the potential impact of these factors on procurements.
By: Josh Rosenbaum, Avi Schwartz, and Steven Cady

Contract Managers in the Executive Suite: Achieving Mission-Critical Program Success Access Restricted
Achieving successful mission-critical program results springs from superb government and industry teamwork. Contract managers in the executive suite who are skilled in the art of achieving win-win business deals are critical for accomplishing mission-critical program success.
By: John Dobriansky

The "Primary Colors" of Leadership: Our Chat With Dr. David Pendleton, Part 2 of 2 Access Restricted
In March 2013, NCMA Chief Learning Officer Alan J. Boykin sat down with Dr. David Pendleton, a psychologist specializing in leadership, to discuss the ins and outs of leadership in today's business environment.
By: Ryan Burke

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Timing is Everything, and So is Where and What You File
By: Jack Horan and Katherine M. John

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