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Inside the June 2013 issue...

The "Primary Colors" of Leadership: Our Chat With Dr. David Pendleton, Part 1 of 2 Access Restricted
In March 2013, NCMA Chief Learning Officer Alan J. Boykin sat down with Dr. David Pendleton, a psychologist specializing in leadership, to discuss the ins and outs of leadership in today's business environment.
By: Ryan Burke

Performance Evaluations: Recognizing the Value of Supervisory Management Access Restricted
For supervisors, nothing is certain except disciplinary actions and performance appraisals. The challenge for the supervisor is to reduce the likelihood of a negative experience in both.
By: James N. Phillips Jr.

The Two Most Important Questions About Your Contract, Part 1 of 2 Access Restricted
Two simple questions reveal a great deal about how a contract is being managed: "What exactly is the contract?" and "How do you know when it's done?" As simple as these questions may be, the answers are often quite difficult and complicated.
By: Tom Reid

Small Business Set-Asides Under GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contracts Access Restricted
How to comply with and accurately determine size status under the varied rules and regulations applicable to restricted task and delivery orders under GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracts.
By: Jeffrey M. Ellinport

10 Ways Companies Can Sharpen Their Contract Management Access Restricted
The contract management processes of many companies or organizations are inefficient. This article lists 10 ways these processes fall short, along with suggestions to help bring them back up to snuff.
By: Becky Holloway

Internal Audit Reports and DCAA's Audit Rights Access Restricted
Recent legislation and a GAO report have focused on company internal audit reports and DCAA's access to them. This article discusses DCAA's right of access to internal audit reports and the uses that can be made of them in light of the new legislation.
By: John Ford and Susan Moser

Avoiding the Compliance Pitfalls of the Service Contract Act Access Restricted
With investigations and harsher consequences on the rise, strong compliance processes addressing the complexities of the Service Contract Act are a must.
By: Aaron Raddock and Albert P. Corvigno

Ethics Corner Access Restricted
Ethics and Compliance: Govern Thyself or Be Governed
By: John Dobriansky

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Equity Aids the Vigilant, Not Those Who Slumber on Their Rights
By: Jack Horan and Patrick J. Stanton

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