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Learning and Leading in Vendor Communication Access Restricted
Where do we go from here? Next steps and best practices in communicating during the acquisition process.
By: Al Munoz

Contractor Purchasing System Reviews: Not So Different From 1991 Access Restricted
A review of the current guidance about contractor purchasing system reviews (CPSRs), who might be audited, and what the significant parameters for an audit are; as well as a comparison to how CPSRs used to be conducted based on an article written in 1991.
By: Philip G. Bail Jr.

12 Steps to Better Government Contractor Selections Access Restricted
The federal government's process for selecting its contractors can be improved by establishing a comprehensive, integrated system focused on getting the best products and services at a fair and reasonable price. This article describes 12 key steps that can be taken to achieve this result.
By: M. Brent Armstrong

Compliance Programs for Counterfeit Parts Avoidance and Detection Access Restricted
Thoughts to consider when adjusting compliance programs for counterfeit parts avoidance and detection as regulations are developed, industry standards mature, and implementation approaches evolve.
By: Henry Livingston

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers: Bridging Business to Government Sales Access Restricted
For nearly three decades, PTACs have been walking small businesses through the aisles of government contracting. This free assistance has not only paid off for small business owners, but has delivered capable suppliers to government contracting officers and federal primes.
By: Deana I. Vitale

Driving the Right Business Behaviors Using Team-Based Bonus Compensation Plans: Lessons Learned and Best Practices Access Restricted
There is an old saying: "I do best what the boss checks." However, it should be: "I do best what the boss pays a bonus for."
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Streamlining the Commercial Off-the-Shelf Request for Proposal Process Access Restricted
The aerospace and defense market has accepted commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) from a technical standpoint, but the corresponding programmatics have not kept pace. This article features some ideas of how to have the programmatics catch up and save both buyers and sellers time and money.
By: Mark Grovak

Professional Development Access Restricted
The Four Stages of Effective Decision-Making
By: Timothy Bednarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
An Increasingly Important Shield Against Claims: The Contract Dispute Act's Statute of Limitations
By: Jack Horan and Patrick J. Stanton

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