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Shedding Light on Suspensions and Debarments: Why the "Corporate Death Penalty" is on the Rise, and How Contractors Can Avoid Being Suspended or Debarred Access Restricted
Suspensions and debarments are on the rise. This article examines the new suspension and debarment data, explains what appear to be the most likely reasons why such actions are on the rise, and provides guidance on what contractors can do--before or after misconduct--to reduce their odds of being suspended or debarred.
By: Adam Lasky

The Super-COR has Arrived in Milwaukee Access Restricted
Installing a "Super-COR" in your workplace can help your contracting officer's representatives (CORs) focus more time and effort on their duties, as evidenced by the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
By: Jason Baltutis

Intricacies of Contracts with the Federal Government Compared to Civilian Companies, Part 2 Access Restricted
The final article in this two-part series featuring a focus on subcontracts, advertisement of opportunities, agencies that are involved in contracts, and authority.
By: Jennifer Hastedt

Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software: A Tenuous Balance between the Government and the Contractor Access Restricted
An examination of the regulatory structure in place, guidelines for proactively protecting rights in technical data and software, and recommendations for how contractors and contracting officers can achieve their objectives during the duration of the contract while preserving their abilities to generate long-term benefits from investments in developing innovations.
By: Krista L. Pages

Swimming in the "Dangerous" Waters of the Acquisition Process Access Restricted
How being worried about the horrors of dramatic past events in the acquisition process, despite their relatively minute probability of occurrence (not unlike shark attacks), hinders the process today.
By: Al Munoz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Avoiding the Double Whammy of Liquidated Damages and Lost Delay Claims
By: Jack Horan and Katherine M. John

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