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Legal Considerations for Government Contracting Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS): A Primer Access Restricted
You are John Jones, a junior contract attorney. This article explores the significant legal considerations that Jones and all in-house counsel must address when bidding on U.S. government contracts performed outside the continental United States.
By: David Newsome and Hazel Scalia

The New Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) and De Facto Debarments Access Restricted
The creation of FAPIIS has brought the issue of de facto debarments to light, and contracting officers must know what de facto debarments are and how to avoid them.
By: Michael J. Davidson and Randolph W. Sawyer

Comparative Best Practices in Public Sector Contracting: How the FAR Excels in the Socioeconomic Perspective Access Restricted
A comparative overview of various international contracting regimes centering on the FAR's enhanced focus on achieving goals of socioeconomic development through contracting.
By: Ali Raza Hanjra

Convincing the C-Suite that Contract Management Matters Access Restricted
Practical steps contract managers can take to convince the "top of the ladder" of the strategic importance of contracting processes.
By: Becky Holloway

The Three Faces of IDIQ Contracting: My Thoughts on IDIQ Contracting from the Perspectives of the Government, Prime Contractors, and Subcontractors Access Restricted
The pros and cons of IDIQ contracting from the viewpoints of each contracting party.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

DOD Procurement Goes Back to Basics: "FAR Fundamentals"--CON090 Access Restricted
CON090 is the foundation of DOD procurement and contract management training.
By: Marcia Richard

Contract Legalese Reduction Tips Access Restricted
Saying "Twas the night before Christmas" instead of "The time period in question was the nocturnal segment of the diurnal period preceding the annual Yuletide celebration," while less informative, is much simpler. This article offers a checklist of tips to help simplify contract language.
By: John E. Miller

Speaking Out Access Restricted
Preserving the Lost Art of Cost and Price Negotiations
By: Gene Pickarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
When Will You Get Paid for a Government-Caused Contract Delay?
By: Jack Horan and John Ziegler

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