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Market Research: The Engine that Powers the Federal Acquisition System Access Restricted
Market research is often referred to cavalierly as "easy"--yet it is complex, nuanced, and can be extremely powerful. If you are not prepared to take the time to do it right, be prepared to take the time to do it over.
By: James N. Phillips Jr. and Sasha Desdunes

Creating More Agile Forms: Getting the Forms to Work for You! Access Restricted
Contracting professionals rely on the use of forms and formats to capture important information from which they will act upon. So how can a system improve if the forms and formats are an impediment?
By: James N. Phillips Jr. and Susan Davis

The Revolving Door Rules: Certifying Compliance with DOD's Requirements for Hiring Current or Former DOD Officials Access Restricted
Since there is no official DOD guidance on compliance with the new DFARS revolving door rules, this article offers a 10-item list for DOD contractors to develop a revolving door compliance program.
By: Monique D. Buckles

Herding Cats: Managing Conflicts of Interest in Federal Contracting Access Restricted
Implementing automated conflict-of-interest management can help save federal contractors--large and small--from unnecessary violations and embarrassing mandatory disclosures.
By: Amy E. Hutchens

Web of Confusion: "Multiyear Contracts," "Multiple-Year Contracts," "Severable Services," and "Options" Access Restricted
The importance of understanding federal appropriations apportions and the relation of assigning contract types in federal acquisitions cannot be understated.
By: Lora Lawson

From SOW to SOO (PWS, Too): An Overview of Performance-Based Contracting Access Restricted
An examination of the differences in purpose, content, and methodology between the statement of work, statement of objectives, and performance work statement.
By: Carol Barton

The Contract Changes Management Process, Part 3: Implementing Contract Changes Using Earned Value Management Access Restricted
The eight key building blocks for planning and implementing contract changes using earned value management.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Professional Development Access Restricted
Encourage Questions to Improve Open Communication
By: Timothy Bednarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
A Tangled Web
By: Jack Horan

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