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Thinking About the Unthinkable: Sequestration Access Restricted
A guide to help government contractors think through the risks they face so that they may develop appropriate business and policy strategies to reduce the adverse impacts of sequestration...should the unthinkable occur.
By: John F. Cooney and Paul A. Debolt

"Purchased in the USA": An Examination of Emerging Issues Surrounding Foreign Acquisition Access Restricted
How FAR Part 25, the Trade Agreements Act, the Buy American Act, and the "Made in the USA" rule are affecting the U.S. government's acquisition of supplies and services.
By: Eric Cho

Reverse Auctions: Turning Winners into Losers Access Restricted
Reverse auctions achieve Pyrrhic victories for their proponents--causing "win-lose" relationships that are unsustainable--and are the result of poor procurement leadership.
By: Jacob Ruytenbeek

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Two Opinions on DOD Better Buying Power From Both Sides of the Contract Access Restricted
What does industry really think about the Carter Initiatives related to incentivizing their innovation and productivity, what does the government think, and what can be done from both the government and industry sides to achieve better results from federal contracts?
By: Charles Horwitz and Thomas H. Miller

The Contract Changes Management Process, Part 2: Managing and Controlling Contract Changes Access Restricted
A six-step contract change management process, methods to manage and control contract changes, and best practices.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Rene G. Rendon

9 Recommendations to Improve Federal Government Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Access Restricted
Given the current fiscal environment, there is an unprecedented opportunity to not only transform the way the government purchases, but also the way it manages its supply chains.
By: Raj Sharma

Portfolio Management: The Cure-All for Managing Major Mission-Critical Government Programs? Access Restricted
How the use of acquisition program portfolio management leads to better program cost, schedule, and performance outcomes of complex major government programs.
By: John Dobriansky

Professional Development Access Restricted
Taking Risks and Leveraging Leadership
By: Gene Pickarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Fair Performance Evaluations Revisited
By: Jack Horan and John Ziegler

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