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Motivating the Unmotivated? Really? Access Restricted
Human beings are self-motivated. If you ever hear someone say they can motivate your workforce to achieve greater success, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.
By: David E. Frick

Contract Management--The Next Generation: A New Professional's View of Contract Management Access Restricted
An intrinsic look at contract management through the eyes of Generation Y.
By: Wesley Dewalt

May I Have Your Attention Please (Your Full Attention): The True Detrimental Nature of Multitasking Access Restricted
While many view multitasking as a virtue, it is actually harmful to your productivity, quality of output, and even your health. Here are some strategies to get you back on track.
By: Kimberly Himes

The Contract Changes Management Process, Part 1: Managing Contract Changes in Turbulent Times Access Restricted
Who initiates contract changes on U.S. government contracts? Why are contract changes needed? What types of contract changes are used? What are the FAR requirements for ordering changes? And much more!
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Christopher J. Garrett

AbilityOne and Federal Procurement Professionals: Getting More, Saving More, Making a Real Difference Access Restricted
Purchasing through AbilityOne not only saves the federal government, and the American taxpayer, millions of dollars, but also helps create jobs for blind and severely disabled Americans, including disabled veterans.
By: F. Glenn Richardson

Framework for Success When Performing a Business Process Improvement, Part 3 Access Restricted
The conclusion to this three-part series on business process improvements (BPIs).
By: Robert Graham

Questions and Answers: A Tool to Shape Solicitations Access Restricted
A walkthrough of the Q&A process.
By: David Newsome Jr. and Gary Silverman

The Four Questions You Must Answer to Solve any Data Rights Issue Access Restricted
If these four questions are answered thoroughly, they will provide both insight into any data rights issue and a data rights strategy to ensure that not only the buyer's acquisition goals are met, but the seller's rights are protected in the process.
By: Gene Pickarz

Professional Development Access Restricted
Choosing a Mentor is Like Dating: 5 Steps for Finding a Mentor Without a Formal Mentoring Program
By: Jessica Friedman

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Too Much, Too Late
By: Jack Horan and Katherine L. Veeder

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