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Contracting and Patient Safety: How Attentive Contracting Practices May Improve Patient Safety Access Restricted
Most healthcare contracting offices are in separate business offices from the clinical and medical environment they serve, which often creates contrived and artificial barriers that impede communication with clinical customers.
By: James N. Phillips Jr.

Communicating Contracts in Split Seconds: Using Visual Tools to Make Leadership Pay Attention Access Restricted
Good contract management and a clear understanding of contract terms are vital for business success, but how do we relay the various elements of a contract to non-experts?
By: Milva Finnegan and Helena Haapio

Vested Outsourcing: The Path to a Long-Term, Win-Win Contract Access Restricted
By developing outsource agreements that include 10 specific elements, firms learn by doing, employ their best talents and resources to the tasks at hand, and transition their thinking from the adversarial to the truly collaborative.
By: Kate Vitasek and Jeanette Nyden

Buying the Better Mousetrap: Patent Law Issues in Federal Acquisition Access Restricted
The basics of how patent law and U.S. government procurement law interact within the rubric of two federal statutes: the Patent Act and the Bayh-Dole Act.
By: Tamir Damari

Quantifying the Unquantifiable: Acquisition Timelines and the Elusive Imprimatur Access Restricted
GAO has questioned the seeming inability of federal agencies to measure or provide guidance on key acquisition timelines, and this article attempts to explain some of the reasons why that is the case.
By: Carol Barton

Framework for Success When Performing a Business Process Improvement, Part 1 Access Restricted
The first in a three-part series, this article discusses the background and source inputs for a conceptual framework to aid in the successful implementation of business process improvements.
By: Robert Graham

The Positive Aspects of the Department of Defense's Rapid Acquisition Program Access Restricted
The Rapid Acquisition Program rapidly provides items to the force, allows the contracting community the ability to participate and compete in the process, and can save money when applied properly.
By: Pia G. Romero

Professional Development Access Restricted
The Art of Starting Over: How Seven Simple Words Can Save a Business Conversation Gone Wrong
By: Andrew Sobel and Jerry Panas

Legal Forum Access Restricted
No Money, No Contract
By: Jack Horan and John Ziegler

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