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Watching the Stars: Learning from Great Public Procurement Teams Access Restricted
We can learn the essential elements of lateral leadership from the "stars" of state and local government procurement teams who illustrate best practices in collaboration, innovation, and project execution.
By: Richard Pennington

Getting to Green: One Team's Journey to an All-Green Portfolio Access Restricted
How one Department of Homeland Security team overcame challenges to transform its investment portfolio scorecard leading to a foundation for improving performance management.
By: Michael Ipsaro

Is Your Purchasing System Really a "System"? Access Restricted
An examination of two common mistakes, and their solutions, in purchasing system development and administration that unnecessarily set companies up for failure during a CPSR.
By: Mark E. Hijar

Agile Contracting for Agile Software Access Restricted
The fundamental differences between traditional and agile software development, and how agile processes can help you achieve success.
By: Andrew W. Chellinsky

The Conundrum of Federal Customer Service: Managing the Federal-to-Federal Customer/Provider Relationship Access Restricted
Good customer service can and should be found throughout any organization, whether it is business-to-business, business-to-customer, contractor-to-government, or government-to-government.
By: Holly Gregg

The Need for More Government and Industry Collaboration on the Application and Implementation of Strategic Sourcing Access Restricted
The benefits of strategic sourcing through increased government and industry collaboration: promoting more collaboration will produce more efficient programs.
By: Jennifer Armstrong

Professional Development Access Restricted
Become a Better Leader: Commit to Continuous Learning
By: Joelle K. Jay

Legal Forum Access Restricted
DOD's New War on Counterfeit Electronic Parts
By: Jack Horan and Katherine L. Veeder

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