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Procuring the Cloud: Shifting to a "Utilitization" Model of IT Access Restricted
Until agencies stop blaming the FAR for perceived non-compatibility with cloud technologies and start modeling their procurement of cloud services on the purchase of utilities rather than the purchase of IT, there is going to be difficulty with procuring cloud solutions.
By: Jon M. Johnson

Unauthorized Commitments, Ratification, and Constructive Changes Access Restricted
A discussion of the key questions to consider, lessons learned, and best practices associated with unauthorized commitments, ratification, and constructive changes.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Shaw H. Cohe

Estimating the Value of Contract Terms in Sourcing Agreements Access Restricted
The benefit of estimating the economic value of contract terms and approaches to doing so.
By: Brad Peterson

Effectively Reducing Service Contracts Access Restricted
Increasing funding pressures in both government and industry contracting demands that service contracts be reduced effectively, and contract managers should be able to do so and still provide the needed service level.
By: Jeremy Ward

Surviving False Claims Act Allegations: What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know to Maximize Insurance Coverage Access Restricted
A discussion of specific "Directors and Officers Liability" policy provisions that should be of particular concern to government contractors when purchasing their policies and in determining the extent to which they are covered against FCA claims.
By: Stephen T. Raptis

Intelligence: Learn, Infer, and Use Knowledge to Lower Cost Access Restricted
Use of performance monitoring in a dynamic environment can improve future source selection processes, generating huge cost savings.
By: Sam Adhikari

Professional Development Access Restricted
Seven Ways to Lead by Example
By: Timothy F. Bednarz

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Commercial Contract Experience Does Not Make a Government Contractor
By: Jack Horan and John Ziegler

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