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Putting Contracting on the Offensive in Afghanistan Access Restricted
In order for contracting to remain relevant in long-term contingency operations, it must adapt in battle-space conditions.
By: Brig. Gen. Casey D. Blake

The Benefits of Moving Government Procurement Online Access Restricted
Over 20 years have passed since the Internet began to firmly integrate into all levels of U.S. federal government procurement, and the government has reaped incredible benefits in the process.
By: Oki Radich

Contractor Business Systems: From a Controls Perspective, the Environment Matters Access Restricted
The importance of the general control environment, which in addition to being a critical criterion in an approved accounting system, can impact other U.S. federal government audits.
By: Sajeev Malaveetil and Kelly Lynch

Requests for Equitable Adjustment and Contractor Claims Access Restricted
A discussion of the difference between REAs and claims, as well as the nature of contracting officers' final decisions, the various forms of appeals, the use of alternative dispute resolution, and methods of determining quantum.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Shaw H. Cohe

Contracting Officer Authority: Did You Hear What Happened to Farmer Merrill? Access Restricted
Sixty-five years ago, an Idaho wheat farmer taught us a valuable lesson on contracting officer authority.
By: Tom Reid

Professional Development Access Restricted
8 "Be" Attitudes of Holding People Accountable
By: Bob Whipple

Legal Forum Access Restricted
The Contract That Never Came
By: Jack Horan and Katherine L. Veeder

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