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Wearing Two Hats: The Dual Roles of In-house Counsel and Compliance Officer
Hold on to your hats. Corporate regulatory and enforcement authorities have turned on the proverbial "Fasten Seat Belt" sign for both in-house counsel and compliance officers.
By: Amy H. Hutchens

The U.S. Federal Government is Not Yet a World-Class Buyer: 15 Steps to Get There Access Restricted
A brief list of steps the government can take now to enable progress toward becoming a world-class buyer.
By: Timothy G. Hawkins

This Time, It's Personal: PCIs in Government Contracting Access Restricted
FAR Councils issue final rule regarding preventing personal conflicts of interest for contractor employees performing acquisition functions.
By: Keith R. Szeliga

Picking Winners and Losers: The Return of the Industrial Policy Debate and Its Consequences for Government Procurement Access Restricted
It is important for U.S. federal government contractors to understand their function in the economy, especially in terms of the policy goal of protecting second- and third-tier subcontractors with duel-purpose technology and product lines on which DOD depends.
By: Christopher Robey

The Empowered Customer: Getting What You Need, When You Need It Access Restricted
Rather than pointing fingers, the customer and contracting office should grasp hands in a partnership to get the job done.
By: James N. Phillips Jr., Scottie Paramoure, and Sasha Desdunes

Contractor Teaming Arrangements: Lessons Learned & Best Practices Access Restricted
A review of contractor teaming arrangements created by companies to perform U.S. government contracts, their key elements, and the lessons learned and best practices of forming them.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Shaw H. Cohe

Recent Developments in the DCMA Contractor Purchasing System Review Division Access Restricted
Expansion of CPSR Reviews in length, scope, and staffing has made obtaining or maintaining a DCMA-approved purchasing system status markedly more difficult.
By: Lee Canada

Professional Development Access Restricted
The Seven Worst Workplace Mistakes
By: John K. Borchardt

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Contractor Management and Performance Failures Cannot Be Blamed on Bad Faith by the Government
By: Jack Horan and John Ziegler

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