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Knowing and Loving Your Program Manager: A Guide for Contracting Officers Access Restricted
Program managers keep telling us they are concerned about how to communicate and get along with their contracting officers. But how do we go about rectifying this situation?
By: John Krieger

What Are You Implying? Access Restricted
Under the False Claims Act, your certificates of compliance may say more than you think.
By: Roderick L. Thomas, Erin Kepler, and Craig Smith

The Courage to Blow the Whistle Access Restricted
Why no one wants to blow the whistle and how to encourage disclosure of misconduct in a corporate setting.
By: Stephanie Tran

The Social Science of Contract Management: Modifying the Contracts Group Culture Access Restricted
A softer approach to mitigating ill-conceived perceptions of contracts and procurement departments by exploring the social science of corporate culture.
By: Debra J. Borkovich

Earned Value Management Systems: Most Frequently Asked Questions and Lessons Learned Access Restricted
A discussion of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of EVMSs on U.S. government contracts and related projects, as well as 10 lessons learned to help contractors successfully plan and implement their EVMS.
By: Gregory A. Garrett

Project Risk Identification and Mitigation: Role of Contract Managers Access Restricted
Before beginning any engineering, procurement, and construction project, identifying risks and their mitigation steps is essential, and contract managers are essential in this process.
By: Rajeshwar L. Jain and Prodosh K. Mitra

Professional Development Access Restricted
The Myth of Work/Life Balance: 7 Ways to Rethink Your Approach to the Daily Grind
By: Jon Gordon

Book Review Access Restricted
Fight Right
By: Rodney Zeibig

Legal Forum Access Restricted
A Contractor's Obligation to Protect the Government from Suspended or Debarred Parties
By: Jack Horan and Steffen Jacobsen

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