Discussion Forums

The NCMA discussion forums are a great way to get your questions answered and exchange ideas. The discussion forums allow you to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of your peers.

The discussion forums were created to further conversation around the NCMA Communities. You can access them on the Web or subscribe to topics and receive discussion updates by e-mail.

CMLDP Alumni

-- For the CMLDP Alumni Community


-- For the Fellows Community

General Discussion

-- Discuss any topic related to contract management.

New Professionals

-- For the New Professionals Community (Young professionals under age 33)

Performance-Based Acquisition

-- For the Performance-Based Acquisition Community

Schedule Contracting

-- Forum for the Schedule Contracting Commuity

Small Business Contracting

-- Forum for the Small Business Contracting Commuity

Women's Forum

-- Discussion board for the NCMA Women's Forum

These forums have been made available for purposes of sharing information related to NCMA and the profession of contract management. Spam posting, advertising, and job listings are not allowed. Posts deemed to fall into these categories by NCMA moderators will be deleted without warning, and nonmember user accounts used to create such posts may be subject to review.

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