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May 2013
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Spring is finally in the air! It's the time of the season for graduations, vacations and spending time with friends and family. 

Take a moment to reflect on memories of the past few years with
NCMA's Flickr account. View past events and your fellow members engaging with each other.  

Do you have any pictures from NCMA events? 
Send them in!

Kelly Higginbotham
Marketing Specialist


Social Media 'Etiquette' in the Workplace


 Prime Versus Sub –
A Critical Decision

The 6 Factors Needed to Drive Innovation in Government

Should I “friend” my boss or not? This is a question that many individuals face in the workplace. Social media etiquette is becoming a more prominent debate. The article below sheds light on this topic and provides a stance on the matter.

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There are many factors to consider when deciding to bid on a contract as a prime contractor or a subcontractor. This blog will examine each factor in detail; an example — how might an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) clause affect this bid?

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Innovation is the process of improving, adapting, or developing a product, system, or service to deliver results. This article takes a look at the factors that are important to driving innovation in today’s environment.

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Contract Management Term of the Month

caucus: A technique used to break away from formal negotiations for the team to consider a point. When a counteroffer is made, a caucus can be used to confer with the negotiation team to consider all aspects of the counteroffer. A caucus is useful to discuss anything about the ongoing negotiation that one side doesn't want the other team to hear. It can be used when a team member wants to bring to the negotiator's attention an important fact, if a fact needs to be checked with a team member, or if management approval is necessary in order to make a concession or counteroffer.

Brought to you by The Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms 7th Edition.

Events: Upcoming Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

You are in the early stages of your career, so it's even more important for you to take advantage of all the professional development opportunities available to you. You also want to make yourself known. So please get out and meet, network, and get to know the people that can help guide you. The following are just a few upcoming events. Contact your local chapter and view NCMA’s online calendar for additional events.

May 6: The Washington Post Colossal Career Expo - Arlington, VA

May 16: NCMA Huntsville Chapter Event -  Huntsville, AL*

May 16: Mergers & Acquisitions in Government Contracting - Online, FREE EVENT!

*NCMA's Executive Director, Mike Fischetti, will be a speaker at this event—stop by and say hi!

National Contract Management Association | 21740 Beaumeade Circle | Suite 125 | Ashburn, Virginia 20147




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