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June 2013
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Summer is on its way and there is no better time than today to get involved! NCMA Communities are a great way to expand your network, build new relationships, and learn from other professionals in the field.

The Advancing Professionals Community is just one of the many active communities here at NCMA. This community is for new professionals entering the field and also for anyone looking to advance their career. Get involved today!

Kelly Higginbotham
Marketing Specialist


Analysis: What Will Furloughs Mean For Young Feds?


 The 8 Most Common
Job Search Mistakes of Recent Grads

Navigating the Federal Application

How will the implementation of furlough days affect turnover of young feds? Will young talent avoid the once sought after government jobs and begin to seek out more secure positions? Read this article to find out more.

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Entering the job market may not always be a smooth transition. This article highlights common mistakes to avoid and also provides tips on how to make the switch from class to career.

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Applying for a job in the federal sector can be daunting and just plain scary. Check out this recorded session from a recent virtual career fair. This presentation covers everything from how to find the job listings to what to do after an interview.

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Contract Management Term of the Month

demurrage: A fee charged by a carrier against a consignee, consignor, or other responsible party to compensate for the detention of the carrier's equipment (e.g., rail car, container, etc.) in excess of allowable free time for loading, unloading, reconsigning, or stopping in transit. The term is also used by suppliers of material delivered in a variety of returnable containers, such as gas cylinders, etc.  

Brought to you by The Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms, 7th Edition.

Events: Upcoming Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

You are in the early stages of your career, so it's even more important for you to take advantage of all the professional development opportunities available to you. You also want to make yourself known. So please get out and network to get to know the people that can help guide you. The following are just a few upcoming events. Contact your local chapter and view NCMA’s online calendar for additional events.

June 11: The Changing Face of Customer Service Series: Government Case Studies - Online, FREE EVENT!

June 11: NCMA Huntsville Chapter Event -  Huntsville, AL

June 18: ICEAA Professional Development & Training Workshop - New Orleans, LA

National Contract Management Association | 21740 Beaumeade Circle | Suite 125 | Ashburn, Virginia 20147




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