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October 2010

Letter from the StudentsConnect Editor

 Welcome to Fall. New beginnings can be great, especially when it concerns the government fiscal year and the changing of seasons. In this issue, we have more interview tips and other hot topics in the contract management career field. Have a great day.

Shene’ Commodore, CPCM, is the government contracts manager with Intertek Testing Services.

Interview Preparation
By: Shene’ Commodore

You should always prepare for an interview by researching the company and rehearsing interview questions. This is your time to shine. Your goal is to become better prepared to demonstrate how you can benefit an employer. Here are some questions to help you prepare:

1. Tell me about yourself. Employers typically ask this question to make you feel at ease; but more importantly to see how you communicate and talk about yourself. Be sure to think of some interesting professional points about yourself and be prepared and comfortable to talk about them. These should be short, beneficial to the job, and to the point.

2. What do you know about our company? Here you get to show your genuine interest with the job because you have taken the time to research. Prove you’ve done your homework. Start your questions off by mentioning what you learned during your research and ask related questions or show how your experience can be an added benefit. For example, "Recently, I noticed your company….").

3. Why do you want to work for us? Give a couple of examples of how the organization's goals and values tie into your career goals and values. Don’t mention benefits, etc. Be sure to discuss things like the corporate culture, the opportunities to learn and grow within your career, etc. This can be a good opportunity to show how your studies and career choices have consistently been along the same path and that you aren’t just trying to go from one job to the next.

4. What unique qualities or abilities would you bring to this job? You should know at least two or three of your unique qualities that will contribute to your ability to do the job you are interviewing for and may even set you apart from the competition. 

The Youth is the Future of Government Contracting
By: Dannie James

One of the most exciting things that I “get to do” is talk to young people and encourage them to consider pursuing a career in government contracting. Maximizing their skills at a young age and preparing their career as a government contractor will enhance their possibilities to become tomorrow’s government entrepreneurs. Read more >>>  

The Salt and Pepper of Program Management
By: Damon Coon
(Excerpt from the Georgia-Carolina Chapter Newsletter)

Those with a sweet or salty tooth are sure to enjoy these few words of our first 2010 NCMA Chapter Newsletter. Like most good things—cake, ice cream, sugar-cookies, etc.—excellent contracting support is very, very sweet! However, it, too, is all too often reserved for only special occasions. Read more >>>


Government Contract Management Conference 2010
December 9–10, 2010; Arlington, Virginia

Mark your calendar today for this unique event that promises to educate and inspire you to make accurate and informed decisions in contract management. Attendees earn up to 12 continuing education hours (CLP/CEU equivalent) by attending the conference.

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Learning Corner


  • Dispute: A disagreement not settled by mutual consent that could be decided by litigation or arbitration.
  • Prime/Prime Contractor: The principal seller performing under the contract.
  • Specification: A description of the technical requirements for a material, product, or service that includes the criteria for determining that the requirements have been met.

NCMA Resources:

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