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April 2010


Letter from the StudentsConnect Editor





Shene’ Commodore, CPCM




It’s that time of year again. Everyone is making plans for the summer, but more importantly seeking summer employment or planning additional studies. In this issue of StudentsConnect, we will discuss current hiring statistics for recent graduates and other programs to help those interested in learning more about government contracting tips. 


The most successful people prepare early. Whatever your summer goals may include, get started now. Be sure that your continued studies or career path can be applied to your career goals. Think about how you may have applied your college studies to your on-the-job experience. Did you learn something new? Did your studies make your experience better? What can you do to improve? How will you benefit in the future from the relationships you formed?


Remember that, regardless of what you are doing, you are always creating some kind of relationship with those you interact with. So be sure to make it a good one.


Shene’ Commodore, CPCM, is the government contracts manager with Intertek Testing Services.


"Hiring Up 5.3% for Class of 2010”  


Employers have more opportunities for the college Class of 2010 than they did a year ago, according to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE’s Job Outlook 2010 Spring Update shows employers expect to hire 5.3 percent more new college graduates in 2009–2010 than they did in 2008–2009. "This is the first positive hiring outlook for new college graduates since October of 2008,” said Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. 


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"Youth in Government Contracts” 


Author: Dannie James 


When you think about the complexity of government contracts, our youth involvement is not considered into the equation. But when you think about the diversity of government contracting and what programs the government is attempting to implement, our youth involvement is not far behind. Learning how to sell successfully to the government, the world's largest buyer of goods and services, can be daunting. Most of the process is conducted online: using a computer is essential. I think this is where our youth becomes a viable resource.


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"Writing Tip: Use Short Sentences” 


Author: Stan Berry



A Guideline for Sentence Length


Make your business writing easy to read by using short sentences:

·       In letters, memos and e-mails, use an average sentence length of 12 to 15 words. 

·       In formal reports and technical documents, keep the average sentence length to about 20 words.


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NCMA’s World Congress 2010

July 18–21, 2010

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


World Congress, NCMA’s premier annual event, promises a full agenda focused on the needs and challenges of the federal and commercial contracting profession. High-profile panelists and speakers, top-quality educational programs, and unparalleled networking opportunities address the leading issues and requirements that contract professionals deal with daily.



HBCU Career Development Marketplace

October 28, 2010

Washington, DC


A national conference designed to inform and educate new entrants into the workplace about diversity in today’s corporate America and to help historically black college and university (HBCU) students prepare for professional opportunities and greater productivity after graduation.



Learning Corner


This section is dedicated to answering your questions. Definitions and basic contract learning tools will also be provided here.








·       Risk Management: The ability to efficiently and cost-effectively mitigate potential problems.

·       Severable Contract: A contract divisible into separate parts. A default of one section does not invalidate the other sections or the whole contract.  

·       Stop Work Order: A request for interim stoppage of work due to nonconformance, funding, or technical considerations.  


NCMA Resources


NCMA has established the Guide to the Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK) as the prevailing guidance for how universities should align their contract management curricula. The guide provides the knowledge areas and competencies that are integral to the contract management process and the contract management profession. To view the Guide to the Contract Management Body of Knowledge (2nd Edition), please click here.


Benefits of being an NCMA student member include:


·       Networking opportunities with experts;

·       Real-life experience in your field;

·       Great savings on advanced training; and

·       The opportunity to have your work published in NCMA publications, such as Contract Management magazine and the annual Journal of Contract Management.


Student membership is currently free but effective July 1, 2010, the cost will be $25 annually. We encourage students to sign up now to take advantage of the free membership. 


To sign up, please click here.


If you know others who meet these criteria, please forward this newsletter to them and encourage them to join. Also, please feel free to send this newsletter to any faculty members who may be interested in learning more about contract management or NCMA. If there is enough interest, your school may be eligible to charter a Student Chapter and receive all of the benefits of a regular chapter.


For more information, contact NCMA Customer Service at or call 800-344-8096.



Fun Facts


If you have any fun facts or funny stories to share about your life as a student, please e-mail Shene’ Commodore at


One of the greatest benefits you receive as an NCMA member is free access to our jobs board at This is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the contract management profession.


Here, employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs. Active job seekers can showcase their skills and work experience to prospective employers to find the best job opportunities, while others can take advantage of networking, training, and career development services.


Whether you’re looking for a new job or ready to take the next step in your career, you can take advantage of the networking, training, and career development services we offer. Whatever your career needs may be we’ll help you find the opportunity that’s right for you.


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