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August 2012
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I am sold on the value of NCMA and have been since I started working here 5 years ago. I am not saying this because I'm an employee, but it's because I am an employee that I am able to say this. From this angle I've had the opportunity to interact with so many people, and with my very own eyes witness the progression of their careers. I've provided recommendations to new contracting professionals, to those trying to transition into the field, and to those looking to catapult their career. The recommendations I provide are geared around networking, volunteerism, NCMA certification, and taking advantage of available educational opportunities. Though always elated, I am never surprised when they contact me to tell me about their success or when I see they've earned an NCMA award or certification. To put it frankly, "it's just in the cards." 

Correen Dingle
Marketing Specialist



World Congress 2012:
Session Wrap-ups


Key Positions Hard to Fill,
Complain U.S. Firms

Hot Topic:
Defense Sequestration

This year's World Congress concluded this Wednesday and if you didn't attend, you missed out on 3 information-packed days. Take a moment to check out the World Congress general session wrap-ups to receive important takeaways from each session.Read More

The results of a recent survey revealed that over the past year, two-thirds of the 110 U.S. organizations surveyed have found it difficult to fill key positions. This is shocking based on the current job market, but it's enlightening for the entry-level professional to know that the growing trend is to hire the "teachable fit." This means that if you don't have all the prerequisite job skills, you may still land the job if they feel you have the potential to grow. Read More

Have you been following the news regarding the $109 billion in sequestration budget cuts scheduled to go into effect January 2, 2013? These cuts could mean hiring freezes, furloughs and staffing reductions at the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Border Patrol, and Transportation Security Administration.  Read More

Member Testimonial


“I just really enjoy supporting NCMA. I can’t say enough about how much NCMA has helped me in my career. “ - NCMA member, Carly Cox, CFCM, after winning an NCMA leadership award

Upcoming Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

You are in the early stages of your career, so it is even more important for you to take advantage of all the professional development opportunities available to you. You also want to make yourself known—so please get out and meet, network, and get to know the people that can help guide you. Below are just a few upcoming events. Contact your local chapter and view NCMA's online calendar for additional events.

August 9: NCMA Pentagon Chapter Networking Event - Arlington, VA

August 16: NCMA Alamo Chapter Lunch Meeting "Creating a Hero Culture at Work" - Alamo, TX

September 6: Security Cleared Job Fair - Springfield, VA


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