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January 2014
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A new year is upon us and with this new year comes a chance at a fresh start! This year change up your normal routine and see results that you normally wouldn't. Check out this article and see how one company is changing all the rules in 2014! 

Kelly H. 
NCMA Marketing Specialist


SUCCESS RULE #30 Maintain a Success Portfolio


 The Struggle With the Juggle: How to Master the Trick of Contract Transition

30 Under 30: The Top Young Lawyers, Policymakers, And Power Players

This blog post reviews why it is very important to keep a success portfolio. Bring this document to annual reviews or to job interviews.

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Find out how to make your contract transitions easier and avoid losing precious time, money, and productivity. The author outlines three steps to a smoother ride.

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Check out this top 30 under 30 article written by Forbes. You will be shocked at some of the creditials on these people!

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Contract Management Term of the Month

Kanban System: An system of production flow control that utilizes cards to pull in-process inventories through a manufacturing process where items are called for only as they are needed in the next step of the production process.
Kanban objectives include:

  • Reducing costs by eliminating waste/scrap,
  • Creating work sites that can respond to changes quickly,
  • Facilitating the methods of achieveing and assuring quality control, and
  • Designing work sites according to human digity, mutual trust and support, and that allow workers to reach their maximum potential. 

Brought to you by The Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms, 7th Edition.

Events: Upcoming Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

At any stage of your career, it’s important to take advantage of all the professional development opportunities available to you. You also want to make yourself known, so please get out and network to get to know the people that can help guide you. The following are just a few upcoming events. Contact your local chapter and view NCMA’s online calendar for additional events.

January 9: Making Your Idividual Training Plan— Online *FREE

January 22: Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing— Ft. Lauderdale, FL



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