Conference Speakers and Presentations

Tom Abbott Effective Choice of Law - Understanding UNCITRAL, the U.N. Convention, and Specific Country Codes
Joseph Auer III(No Presentation Available)
Frank Bruno Utilizing Escrow Arrangements to Protect Technology Assets
Peter Easley Outsourcing Software Development Services: The Offshore Approach
Sourcing in Developing Countries - Issues and Opportunities
Paul Frishert Procurement and Contract Management in a European Insurance Company
Gregory A. Garrett Winning More Business Globally
Allen Green Principles of International Commercial Arbitration
Robert J. Ingersoll What is an Effective Compliance Program for a Multi-National Company
Andy Kyte(No Presentation Available)
John Mahoney Contract Life Cycle Management
Manuel Rajunov Doing Business in Mexico
International Risk Management - Making the Most of Worldwide Business
Tom Reid Buyers and Sellers Under the UN Convention on CISG
Paul L. Robert, Esq. Culture Clashes
Ronald Scruggs(No Presentation Available)
Ronald L. Smith Global Contract Management
Political & Economic Influences with Multinational Business
Greg Thompson(No Presentation Available)
Sharon Venable The Greater Dallas Chamber
Leigh Ann Vernon(No Presentation Available)

Thomas M. Abbott

Thomas Abbott is a partner in the Government Contracts Department of McKenna Long & Aldridge. He has spent twenty years developing extensive knowledge of government procurement law, including actions under the False Claims Act, bid protests, product liability issues involving the "government contractor defense," subcontract disputes and contract claim and termination issues. He is highly skilled in cases involving alleged defective pricing and cost accounting standards, as well as cases involving various methods of pricing claims, from total cost to computer modeling. Tom has a particular interest in complex claims involving technology questions, including software design and development, system engineering, test and inspection, quality assurance and configuration management.

He has litigated cases before California and federal trial courts, the Products and United States Court of Federal Claims and the Court of Appeals for the Services Federal Circuit. Three of his cases to date have involved claims in excess of $100 million, while he was also successful in resolving a $20 million claim under Public Law 85-804 in only sixteen weeks.

Tom has also been directly involved in the resolution by international arbitration of contract claims involving the governments of Spain, Greece and Egypt, commercial disputes with French and Japanese companies and claims against NATO. His international experience began in his earlier career with the United States Navy. An Annapolis graduate, where he was the Deputy Brigade Commander of Midshipmen, he served as a Surface Warfare Officer for seven years, including tours as an Executive Support Officer for two Secretaries of Defense, Harold Brown and Casper Weinberger.

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Joseph Auer III

Joseph Auer, founder and president of International Computer Negotiations, Inc. (ICN), is a recognized international leader in high tech procurement. Business Week Newsletter calls him "the industry's leading bargaining expert."

Auer's early career was spent as a sales representative with Honeywell Information Systems, where he learned negotiation tactics from the vendor's perspective. It soon became obvious to him that those on the "other side of the table"-those acquiring high tech products and services-were at a decided disadvantage. Having identified this need, he set out to "level the playing field." The result-ICN-was established in 1975, with the express purpose of helping high tech buyers and users to "do better deals" when negotiating with high tech vendors.

For more than 28 years, Auer has advised, enlightened, and empowered the high tech professional with techniques, tools, and established directions for negotiating fair contracts that meet the mutual goals of both user and vendor. He developed the managed acquisition processTM (MAPTM), which is the recognized, optimum management methodology for high tech procurement. More than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as major government organizations and principles of smaller, aggressive firms, rely on him for advice and training. He is an award-winning columnist for Computerworld and also a noted speaker, author, and publisher. He co-authored two textbooks, Computer Contract Negotiations and Major Equipment Procurement.

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Peter Easley

One of 5 Team Leaders in the Institutional Procurement Unit which is responsible for global sourcing of all goods and services procured by the Bank and has an annual procurement volume of over $460 million. Responsible for managing a team of contracts officers, Sr. buyers and buyers and for handling complex, multi-million dollar procurements, primarily in the area of professional, technical and consulting services. Proven track record of successfully applying innovative sourcing solutions, enhancing productivity and improving supplier relationships. Facilitator of the Unit's Country Office Outreach Program and responsible for developing and delivering procurement training to staff in the Bank's 120 + offices around the world. Responsible for managing the Unit's web tendering project, a key component of the Bank's E-Commerce initiative. Lead the Unit's review and re-write of its contract terms and conditions. Helped facilitate the Bank-wide implementation of SAP R/3 by developing and conducting training for staff on SAP Materials Management functionality and procurement procedures.

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Paul Frishert

Paul Frishert, a native of the Netherlands, entered the field of purchasing and procurement immediately after completing his Business Administration education. Now, with nearly 15 years in the field and experience in many different roles, Paul is responsible for strategic initiatives to improve the procurement function at Interpolis, including the deployment of Contract Management tools and processes.

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Gregory A. Garrett

Mr. Garrett is a respected international educator, author, consultant, and industry executive. Currently, he serves as the vice president, program management, Wireless Major Accounts, Lucent Technologies, and is president and CEO of Garrett Consulting Services. Previously, he was vice president of program management, Qwest and U.S. WEST Customer Program Team, for Lucent Technologies. For two years he served as chairman, Lucent Technologies Project Management Leadership Council, representing more than 2,000 Lucent project managers companywide. Prior to Lucent, Garrett served as the youngest partner and executive director of Global Business for ESI International. He has served as a lecturer for The George Washington University Law School and the School of Business and Public Management. He has taught and consulted in project and contract management to more than 15,000 people from over 40 countries.

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Allen B. Green

Allen Green is a partner in the Government Contracts Department of McKenna Long & Aldridge. With more than 27 years of experience, Allan has engaged in extensive litigation and counseling on a wide range of international matters. He represents clients in international arbitration, involving governmental as well as private sector parties, and counsels and represents clients before federal agencies concerning the U.S. government's regulation of exports. He also works closely with clients on international government contracting, international transactions and financing.

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Robert J. Ingersoll

Mr. Ingersoll is vice president of contracts and pricing for The Boeing Company. In this position, he is responsible for contracting activities at company offices and the operating groups, including policy, guidance and oversight of The Boeing Company's contracting practices. Prior to this assignment, he served as vice president of contracts and pricing for the Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Group in St. Louis. In 1997, he was the project manager for the Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merger. He performed a similar role in 1996, when the Boeing Defense and Space Group acquired the aerospace and defense unit of Rockwell International. He was business manager for Boeing on the NASA International Space Station program in Houston from 1993 to 1996. He was responsible for business agreements on the program between Boeing and NASA; international partners and major subcontractors; and McDonnell Douglas and Rockwell.

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Andy Kyte

After starting his working life in various roles in mechanical engineering, Kyte undertook a temporary assignment to the IT department in 1982-and has stayed closely involved with information technology since then. He is passionate about trying to apply engineering disciplines to the development and deployment of application software. After several years in applications development and design for manufacturing systems, he moved to ICL Retail Systems, where he was involved in applications architecture and design for point-of-sales systems.

Kyte joined the Gartner research team in 1997, and since 1999 has been responsible for research in to procurement applications for Gartner's business management group. He has published extensively on the e-business trends in procurement, covering e-procurement, e-sourcing, and e-marketplaces, and has been a keynote speaker in more than 37 countries. Since the end of 2001, he has been researching the emerging market for commercial contract life cycle management applications software and services, and has led the research team that predicted in April 2002 that the sector will be a $20 billion market by 2007.

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John P. Mahoney

Mr. Mahoney, founder and partner of The Leadership Companies, Inc. is, with over 1500 customers, recognized as a leader in providing best practices for supply management and is considered a visionary in automating the contract management process.

For more than 25 years Mr. Mahoney has been a leader and team member in providing solutions for supply management. Included in Mr. Mahoney's accomplishments are leading diverse, multicultural teams in managing international contracts for Fortune 500 companies, as well as establishing Material Acquisition Centers in Europe and Asia. John also led the development team for Contractsonline® which automated the contract management process for supply management.

John is a noted speaker and educator and is also the co-author of the ContractWare® library of workbooks for commodity management and the family of Impact® management guides for best practices for purchasing and supply management.

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Manuel Rajunov
Managing Partner, International Tax Services

Mr. Rajunov is the Managing Partner of the International Tax Services for Grant Thornton. His responsibilities include the management and development of strategy for the firm's international tax practice. As a member of Grant Thornton International Tax Steering Committee with responsibility for the America's, Mr. Rajunov represent the region before the organization's international management board and is in charge of implementing the strategy that the steering committee determines for the firm in the international tax arena.

Mr. Rajunov joined Grant Thornton in 1998 as Director of Latin America Business Services with focus on providing tax consulting on international business transactions dealing with Mexico and South America; organizing and structuring Mexican and South American operations for foreign companies; providing technical consultations on international tax and foreign trade matters and free trade issues, as well as mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

In 2001 Mr. Rajunov was admitted to the Grant Thornton partnership and has been involved with leadership in the international tax arena ever since. On August 1, 2002 he was appointed Managing Partner, International Tax Services for the firm. He is a member of the European and Asian Tax Committees, as well as the International Tax Global Think Tank and Chair of the Americas Tax Committee.

Mr. Rajunov has written several articles on Mexican legal and tax topics and is fluent in Spanish and English.

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Tom Reid

Chief Problem Solver, Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC

Tom Reid currently serves as chief problem solver for Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC (CCS) in Denver, Colorado. CCS is the "outsourcer of choice" for the management of government contracts and works with companies to increase and manage their share of federal contracts for profitability.

Mr. Reid has worked for more than 23 years in government contracts and business operations. Following seven years as a government attorney specializing in procurement, he has served as a senior executive in both large and small companies developing expertise in contract management, business development, legal and litigation management, strategic planning, and management of multi-million dollar business operations.

He is a Fellow with the National Contract Management Association, has served as co-chair of the Council of Fellows, and has served as a chapter officer in three different NCMA chapters. Mr. Reid is the lead author of Selecting Contract Types, published by NCMA, and numerous articles for Contract Management magazine. He has spoken nationally on a vast variety of topics related to federal, commercial, and international procurement.

Mr. Reid holds a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College, a J.D. from the University of Dayton School of Law, and an M.P.A. from the University of Houston. He has been a Certified Professional Contracts Manager since 1986. He is admitted to practice in Texas, and before the Court of Federal Claims and the US Supreme Court.

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Paul L. Robert, Esq.

Paul L. Robert is associate general counsel and director, contracts and compliance for United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in Hartford, Connecticut. UTC manufactures a broad range of high technology products and provides support services to the building systems and aerospace industries. Its operating companies include Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Carrier Corporation, and Otis Elevator Co.

He concentrates his practice in the areas of U.S. and international contracts, compliance, and business practices and is responsible for contract training and policy, government acquisition advocacy, and for UTC's relationships with external organizations such as industry, trade, and professional associations. He has been a member of UTC's legal department since August 1987, previously serving as associate counsel-compliance and director of government contracts at UTC's Pratt & Whitney Division (1993-1998).

He earned his law degree from Fordham University and is a member of the bars of Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, the U.S. Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals for the D.C. and Federal Circuits, and the U.S. Claims Court. He is a Fellow of the Ethics Resource Center in Washington, D.C., a member of NCMA's Board of Advisors, president of the Central Connecticut Chapter, and co-chair of NCMA's Commercial Contracting Special Topic Committee.

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Ronald Scruggs

Ronald Scruggs, director of consulting (formerly an ICN senior consultant), has worked in contracting, negotiating and purchasing for more than 35 years. He spent 15 years as a director of contracts for multi-national corporations doing business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His experience also includes contract and procurement management for a number of major technology organizations including Westinghouse, Control Data, Digital and Bay Networks.

His areas of expertise include IT procurement, manufacturing, and outsourcing as well as development of standard form sales, service, and purchasing agreements. He is a particularly well-seasoned negotiator, having earned the respect of key clients and vendors in the United States, South America, Russia, India, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa. Scruggs has developed negotiation skills training courses for purchasing, sales, and service personnel that have been utilized worldwide.

He holds an M.B.A. from the University of California and has completed extended post-graduate courses at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, and the Institute of Business Methods in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Ronald L. Smith

Ronald Smith has recently been promoted to the manager of public sector contracts at Hewlett Packard. Prior to the Hewlett Packard/Compaq merger, Smith led the teams responsible for all Compaq Computer Corporation product sales bids, contracts, and subcontracts in North American markets (except for Compaq Canada and Compaq Federal LLC), and served as the corporate compliance officer for all Compaq contracts in the United States. He has previously served as an NCMA national vice president and as a member of numerous government and industry groups and advisory committees, including the Electronic and Information Technology Access Advisory Committee. He has taught procurement ethics, acquisition, program management, and contract management. His books and publications include Acquisition Reform 1996, Creating the Performance-Based Solicitation, Market Research in Federal Contracting, and numerous contributions to Contract Management magazine.

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Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson is the Senior International Trade Specialist at the North Texas Export Assistance Center, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce's worldwide network that helps U.S. companies interested in exporting their products and or services. Mr. Thompson has spent the last 20 years developing his knowledge of international trade. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Business Administration, Mr. Thompson joined the audit staff of a U.S. retailer with worldwide operations. He stayed with this company for several years becoming an assistant controller. After obtaining an MBA in International Marketing from the American University in Washington, D.C., Mr. Thompson began working at the Import Administration, which is also part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Mr. Thompson worked in this group for five years as a Senior Import Compliance Specialist traveling throughout the world investigating economic dumping allegations. Mr. Thompson has been in his current position with the Department for five years. Mr. Thompson specializes in helping service companies (e.g., engineering and architectural firms, franchises, education institutions) and companies producing the following types of goods: safety/security, medical, building/construction, sporting goods. In addition to North Texas companies, Mr. Thompson has trained hundreds of partner organizations and clients throughout the United States on how to export services.

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Sharon Venable

Sharon Venable was appointed Vice President for the Greater Dallas Chamber's International Business Department in August 1996. From August to November 2000, she assumed the additional responsibility of Interim Vice President for Economic Development. She was appointed to develop the Chamber's new technology initiative in August 2000.

From August 2001 thru August 2002, Small and Mid-Sized Business Development was added to her portfolio.

Sharon's responsibilities include expanding domestic and international business development for the Dallas region, encouraging investment and trade from foreign markets, creating and retaining jobs through the various programs, leading trade/investment missions, receiving foreign delegations, and increasing trade finance opportunities through the Export/Import Bank of the U.S. City/State program. Additionally, she leads the Chamber's Technology Business Council, an initiative that promotes the region's technology industry, assists key industry sectors with needs, promotes increased capital and works with the region's other technology organizations. In the Small Mid-Sized Business area, Ms. Venable was responsible for directing initiatives for the market segment, identifying new segments and opportunities and engaging members in these programs.

Prior to this assignment, Sharon was Vice President of Women's Business Issues, a department that she established. Other Chamber assignments included oversight of Internal Technology (Voice & Data), and Director of Education and Leadership Development. She began her career with Southwestern Bell Telephone where she held a number of positions including Area Manager of External Affairs and Marketing and Service Operations.

Her volunteer activities include serving as a Chair of the Texas Woman's University Foundation Board of Directors, Member State of Texas-Mexico Advisory Board for Texas Economic Development Department, Board of Directors of Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, University of North Texas Center for NAFTA Studies Advisory Board, Ex Officio member of the North Texas District Export Council, Hong Kong Association of North Texas Board of Directors, and Women's Enterprise Advisory Board. She is a graduate of Leadership Texas and Leadership Dallas, past president of the Leadership Dallas Alumni Association, past chair of the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce, past president of the Dallas County Adult Literacy Council, past Executive Committee member North Dallas Chamber Board of Directors, and was the Vice Chair - Volunteer Coordination for World Cup Dallas '94.

In addition, she was selected to participate in the 19thJapan Annual Study Program for International Economics in 2000, received the Women's Enterprise Women of Excellence Award, and the U.S. Small Business Administration's Dallas/Ft. Worth District's Women's Advocate Award.

Sharon is a native Dallasite, a graduate of Dallas Baptist University, and received her Master of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University.

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Leigh Ann Vernon

Leigh Ann Vernon is general director of e-commerce and sourcing support for The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF). BNSF operates one of the largest railroad networks in North America, with 33,500 route miles covering 28 states and two Canadian provinces.

Vernon leads the e-commerce and sourcing support department in the strategic sourcing division of BNSF, which is responsible for designing and implementing solutions to automate and streamline the sourcing and supply process.

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