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NDAA Section 818: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts - Implications for Contractors

Topic: Contract Law, Policies, & Rules of Engagement
Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Program Code: 170057
CPEs: 1.50

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 introduces new requirements to strengthen protections against counterfeit electronic parts coming into the defense supply system. The legislation is a response to a US Senate Armed Services Committee investigation that found more than 1,800 instances of counterfeit electronic parts in the defense supply chain. Section 818 of the FY2012 NDAA embraces concepts to which many industry and US government subject matter experts subscribe and addresses many of the long-time impediments to addressing the challenge of counterfeit electronics in the defense supply chain. There are elements of Section 818, however, that will prove to be a challenge for defense contractors.

The timing of this webinar couldn’t be more perfect! According to our presenter, this event is right on target and here’s why….

Many organizations do not yet appreciate what will be expected of contractors and suppliers at all tiers. Some defense contractors and lower tier suppliers have been alerted to the forthcoming requirements by their customers along with expectations regarding compliance. Though policies and regulations may not yet be in play, enough is known about what to expect and it is prudent for organizations to become aware of the implications of these new requirements and prepare accordingly.

DOD has been developing policies and changes to regulations for counterfeit detection and avoidance. We anticipate that DOD representatives will pursue a dialog with industry to address implementation issues in advance of these policies and regulations. An understanding of the new requirements and it’s implications will assist contractors in preparing for this dialog.

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Henry Livingston

 Henry Livingston
 Engineering Fellow and Technical Director
 BAE Systems Electronic Systems

Henry Livingston is an Engineering Fellow and Technical Director at BAE Systems Electronic Systems, where he is responsible for overseeing engineering activity for specifying components and evaluating their suitability for military and aerospace applications. He also is BAE’s subject matter expert in component engineering field, and is widely published on component reliability assessment, obsolescence management, semiconductor industry trends and counterfeit electronic components.



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