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Cost & Pricing Virtual Conference

Original Air Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why attend: The importance of cost and pricing cannot be understated, and NCMA’s “Cost & Pricing Virtual Conference” is a must-attend educational event you simply can’t afford to miss. For both government and industry contract management professionals, seasoned or early in your career, key topics and practical solutions to cost and pricing challenges are within reach by attending this online event. Given the current environment of economic challenges and austere conditions, use this virtual conference to learn and apply focused principles and practices to meet organizational and mission-driven requirements. In these times of austerity, the need to understand practical measures to meet government needs through fair and reasonable prices is still an imperative component in procurement.

Key Topic Areas:

Policies & Procedures: Learn the latest and most up-to-date information on the policies, regulations, processes, and procedures you need to make the right business decisions. From updates relative to the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) to practical measures and solutions to assist you in garnering and executing contracts—it’s all here. Also learn the most current and effective cost and pricing methods, analysis, and techniques to meeting the required measure of a fair and reasonable price.

Negotiations & Competitive Discussions: Learn some of the best and most practical practices in the business when it comes to the most effective strategies in negotiations and competitive discussions. Discern the key differences and ways to better communicate the pricing issues that impact your objectives and how to find opportunities to find leverage to create realistic expectations.  

Best Practices & Lessons Learned: By leveraging the vast experience of these recognized experts in the field, you will hear invaluable best practices and lessons learned that are invaluable to your objectives and bottom-line decision-making. Their expertise will expose you to advance issues and pricing resolutions to help you meet your goals. They will also discuss the concept of fair and reasonable pricing determinations and strategies that are destined to help you with key solutions and risk considerations. This discussion will also enable you to better understand and implement strategic measures to help to reduce the anxieties and risks associated with compliance concerns.

Pricing Issues in Post-Award Environment: Learn the impacts of cost and pricing in the post-award environment. As changes on the contract are highly probable, hear some practical practices and strategies on the implications to cost in this environment. Learn how to best prepare and resolve issues associated with negotiations and competitive discussions. A review of pertinent clauses and contractual frameworks will help you better understand the road ahead and how to avoid potential negative scenarios.

Pricing to Win the Contract: For those in the commercial sector, hear from our renowned experts about the best practices to win business. This “price-to-win” discussion will highlight those areas that may have challenged you in the past and will assist you in aligning your pricing to the technical requirements. Get a sneak peek at both direct cost and indirect cost strategies you can implement even before the RFP is released. Learn about current pricing trends in both government and industry and arm yourself with the knowledge to price a consistent, compliant, and competitive bid. A vital component to an effective cost or pricing strategy is the ability to meet the specific requirements of the solicitation while bidding a winning and sustainable price. Join this discussion to put yourself in a position to win!

Learn about:


Beverly Arviso, CPA, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, President, Arviso, Inc.
Kurt Chelf, CPCM, Professor, Defense Acquisition University
Jo Cunningham, C.P.M., MBA, Fellow, Distinguished Laboratory Staff Member, Sandia National Laboratories
Jacob George, Director of Finance, Red Team Consulting

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