Solicitations, Bids, Proposals, and Source Selection

Solicitations, Bids, Proposals, and Source Selection

About the Program

Building a contract, in both the public and private business sectors, which meets or exceeds the requirements of the buyer and seller is indeed a challenge, especially in a world of high expectations and demanding customers. This seminar provides a comprehensive roadmap or series of steps, which can be taken by both buyers and sellers to achieve mutual business success.

The focus of this seminar is on the art and science of building a winning contract by:

  • Creating appropriate and professional solicitations (request for quotes, invitations for bids, request for proposals, etc.);
  • Developing successful bids/proposals (including verbal presentations); and
  • Conducting efficient, cost effective, and value-added source selection.

The seminar combines more than 200 proven best practices from both the public and private business sectors, numerous case studies, 12 selected interviews, 30+ sample forms, and exercises to provide a tremendous learning experience for novices to seasoned professionals.

Every attendee will receive a copy of Solicitations, Bids, Proposals, and Source Selection—Building a Winning Contract and its accompanying workbook.

How to Register

View the Host Locations, then contact the registrar for the seminar date and location you wish to attend.

Course Outline

Unit 1

The Buying and Selling Life Cycle: Learning to Dance Together

Unit 2

Pre-Bid/Proposal Phase: Procurement Planning, Solicitation Planning, and Preparation

Case Study: Acquisition Strategy

Unit 3

Pre-Bid/Proposal Phase: Pre-Sales Activities and Bid/No-Bid Decision-Making

Unit 4

Bid/Proposal Phase: Bid/Proposal Development and Reviews/Approvals

Case Study: IT-Managed Services

Unit 5

Bid/Proposal Phase: Source-Selection Planning and Evaluation

Unit 6

Post-bid/Proposal Phase: Contract Negotiation and Formation

Case Study: Best Advice

Unit 7

U.S. Federal Marketplace: Acquisition Planning, Solicitations, Bids/Proposals and Source Selection - Best Practices

Unit 8

U.S. Commercial Marketplace: Solicitations, Bids/Proposals, and Contracts Best Practices

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