Developing Winning Proposals – Proposal Preparation Techniques and Tips

Developing Winning Proposals – Proposal Preparation Techniques and Tips

About the Program

Developing Winning Proposals, a one-day course designed to provide you with the nuts and bolts you need to review a request for proposal (RFP), put a proposal team together, and develop the detailed cost estimates you need to convince a customer that you can best satisfy their needs.

This seminar is designed for everyone involved in the development and response to an RFP. In addition to contract management professionals, this program also benefits anyone involved in the acquisition process: managers, directors, financial analysts, engineers, and business development employees, among others.

The course is designed to acquaint those new to the proposal process with the unique skills necessary to respond to a government customer (or prime contractor) RFP. However, the course also has enough substance to ensure that even those with a great deal of experience in preparing proposals will learn something they will be able to apply to their work as soon as they get back to the office.

The end goal of this one-day action-packed seminar is to ensure that attendees leave with a deeper appreciation for ensuring their proposal is responsive to the RFP; the team is correctly assembled and led; and that the resulting cost, technical, and management volumes present their company in the best possible light—increasing the likelihood of a contract award.


How to Register

View the Host Locations, then contact the registrar for the seminar date and location you wish to attend.

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Getting Ready for the Request for Proposal

Unit 2 – Sellers

Unit 3 – The Proposal Process

Unit 4 – Risk Management

Unit 5 – Cost Estimating Techniques

Unit 6 – Building and Documenting a Robust Cost Estimate

Unit 7 – Cost Estimating System

Unit 8 – Detailed Cost Estimating

Unit 9 – Regulatory and Statutory Considerations

Unit 10 – Policies and Procedures

Unit 11 – Management Volume Considerations

Unit 12 – Proposal Review Process

Unit 13 – Proposal Analysis Approaches

Unit 14 – Summary

Unit 15 – Optional: Individual or Group Exercises

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