Preparation for the CPCM Exam

Certified Professional
Contracts Manager

The amount of time candidates spend preparing for the CPCM exam really depends on their familiarity with the materials and experience in contract management. Some people are better test takers than others, so prep time varies!

NCMA Books

CPCM Study Guide, Third Edition: $90 (Member Price $75)  

Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK), 4th Edition: $60 (Member Price $50)

Desktop Guide to Basic Contracting Terms, 7th Edition: $50 (Member Price $40)


For a breakdown of CPCM exam questions by CMBOK competency, click here.

Practice Exams

The exams cost $25 for 50 multiple choice questions. There is no time limit and you will see the results from your practice exam upon completion. There are 5 exams available to help you study for the CPCM exam.

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Chapter Study Group

NCMA offers a chapter study guide which is intended to help you in organizing group studies, but it is relevant even if you are simply a group of one.

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