2014–2015 CMLDP Curriculum

Event+ Date Location Hours Category
8/21/14-Thu CMLDP Overview and Expectations Webinar* 1 Leadership
9/11/14-Thu Ethics and Compliance #1 (Contract Management Code of Ethics) Written Assignment 4 Contract Management
10/3/14-Fri Mentoring Action Plan 1 Email submission 4 Leadership
10/9/14-Thu NCMA Governance System Prerecorded Webinar 4 NCMA Governance
10/24/14-Fri A Review of NCMA Policies and Practices Prerecorded Webinar 4 NCMA Governance
Nov 1-Sat Leadership Insights (Senior Leader Event ) Washington, DC 2 Leadership
Nov 1-Sat Myers Briggs Tests (complete by GCMS) – Out brief Discussion Online/Washington DC 3 Leadership
Nov 1-Sat Presentation Skills Training Washington, DC 3 Leadership
Nov 2-Sun NCMA Board of Directors Meeting and Round Table Discussion Washington, DC 4 NCMA Governance
Nov 2-Sun Fall Chapter Leader Summit Washington, DC 4 Leadership
Nov 3–4-Mon–Tue NCMA Government Contract Management Symposium Washington, DC 15 Contract Management
Nov 4-Tue Optional: Field Trip Washington, DC 2 Leadership
12/6/13-Fri Deadline: Submit topic for research paper Email submission 2 Contract Management
1/8/15-Thu Focused Leader Profile Webinar* 4 Leadership
1/15/15-Thu Ethics and Compliance #2 (Group Exercise) Prerecorded Webinar 4 Contract Management
1/30/15-Fri Deadline: Submit outline for research paper Email Submission 4 Contract Management
2/5/15-Thu Mentoring Action Plan Update 2 Email Submission 4 Leadership
2/12/15-Thu Force Field Problem-Solving Model Webinar* 4 Leadership
3/11/15-Wed Subcontract Management from A to Z National Education Seminar (NES) Tysons Corner, VA 7 Contract Management
3/12–13/15-Thu–Fri NCMA Subcontract Management Training Forum Tysons Corner, VA 15 Contract Management
3/13/15-Fri Spring Chapter Leader Summit Tysons Corner, VA 6 Leadership
3/31/15-Tue Deadline: Submit research paper Email Submission 30 Contract Management
4/16/15-Thu Conflict Strategies Inventory-Third Edition Webinar* 4 Leadership
5/14/15-Thu Project Leadership Assessment Webinar* 4 Leadership
5/28/15-Thu Ethics and Compliance #3 (Group or Individual Exercise) Prerecorded webinar 3 Contract Management
6/11/15-Thu The Comprehensive Leader Webinar* 4 Leadership
6/26/15-Fri Mentoring Action Plan Update 3 Email submission 4 Leadership
7/25-26/2015 Sat–Sun Community Service Project Dallas, TX 5 Volunteerism
7/25-26/2015 Sat–Sun Summer Chapter Leader Summit Dallas, TX 9 Leadership
7/26/15-Sun Leadership Insights 2 Dallas, TX 4 Leadership
7/26-29/15-Sun–Wed NCMA World Congress (Includes Reunion, Retrospect, and Graduation) Dallas, TX 23 Contract Management
July 2014 – June 2015 NCMA chapter meetings, workshops, and seminars NCMA Volunteerism 12 Contract Management/Volunteerism

As of February 28, 2014

*Webinars begin at 12:30 p.m. (Eastern). Typical format is a 30-60 minute presentation, with deliverables due 2 weeks after live presentation, unless otherwise noted. All have individual assignments and 1has an additional group assignment where the class is divided into teams of 3–5 students each with a team leader assigned. 

Events marked in red require mentor interaction. Events marked in grey are mandatory in-resident functions. Students must budget all travel expenses associated with each of the 4 events (i.e., transportation, lodging and meals).  Conference registration fees are waived for CMLDP students.

The 2 NCMA Governance prerecorded webinars, 3 Ethics and Compliance assignments, research paper topic, research paper outline, and the research paper are self-paced and may be submitted in advance of their due dates.

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