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All ICCM designees are required to renew by December 31st of the second year following certification, and every two years thereafter. For example, in 2015, those who earned their designation in 2013 are affected.

Renewal Fees:

  • Memeber: $50
  • Nonmember: $100

Renewal requires documentation of 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE). The 80 CPEs are equivalent to the 80 Continuous Learning Points (CLP) as required for maintaining DAWIA and FAC-C certifications. CPE may be earned in a number of ways. See the NCMA CPE Guide for details.

Renewal Application Form


ICCM Renewal Frequently Asked Questions


When do I renew my ICCM?

Renewal is required every two years. The first renewal will be due by December 31 after the two year anniversary of your certification. Subsequent renewals are due on December 31 every  two years thereafter.


I have to renew this year; when do I need to submit my complete renewal application?

Renewal applications are to be completed and sent in by December 31.


How much does the renewal cost?

$50.00 for members and $65 for nonmembers.


What are the requirements for renewing my ICCM?

A total of 80 hours of instruction, earned over the two-year renewal period is required in order to qualify for renewal.

ICCM candidates must send in:

  • Completed renewal application,
  • $50/65 renewal fee, and
  • Supporting documentation verifying 80 CPE hours.


I can't remember my certification date and/or certification number, how do I find that out?

Candidates can call Customer Service at 800-344-8096 for this information.


How can I turn in my renewal application and supporting documents?

NCMA accepts applications via email, fax, or mail. Please send your application to:


Attn: Certification Department

21740 Beaumeade Circle, Suite 125

Ashburn, Virginia 20147


F: 703-448-0939


How long does the renewal process take?

If the application is complete, the entire application review process can take up 2-4 weeks. During the Certification's busy season (September-March), the review process can take up to 3-8 weeks. If the candidate's application is incomplete or missing information, the process can take longer. The Certification Department will notify those who are missing information via email when their application is reviewed.


I turned in my renewal application well within the stated time and have yet to hear anything, how can I find out the status of my renewal application?

If you have turned in your renewal application and it has been over six weeks (eight weeks during September-March) and you have not heard from NCMA, please contact Customer Service or the Certification Department at 800-344-8096.


I can't make my renewal deadline. Can I get an extension?

Candidates who know that they are not going to complete the requirements for renewal can request an extension to the Certification Department. Include in your e-mail your contact information and reasons why you cannot meet the eligibility deadline. Please be aware that granting extensions are for extreme circumstances and are NOT guaranteed.


What is the gold renewal sticker I received along with my renewal letter for?

The gold sticker showing the renewal year is to be attached to your appropriate NCMA certificate as shown on the Sample.


What about overseas posting?

Designees who are posted overseas may request to the Certification Department that their renewal period be extended if they are posted on an assignment during which they will be unable to satisfy the 80-hour CPE requirement in the two-year renewal period.


What is the responsibility of the individual Certificant?

Individuals are responsible for (1) seeking opportunities for CPE hours, (2) successfully completing CPE programs and activities, (3) maintaining documentation of the CPE hours completed, and (4) monitoring their own progress toward meeting the CPE requirements.

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