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WoD LogoWhat are webinars on demand and how do they work?

For those unable to participate in live webinars, Webinars on Demand (WOD) are available for purchase. These are recorded webinars converted into Windows Media Audio/Video file format. They include the presentation materials and certificate of attendance as PDF documents, and offer a convenient learning opportunity. These WODs are available to you at discounted prices.



Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Hours

Participants earn 1.5 continuing professional education (CPE) hours.

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Webinars on Demand by Topic


Audits, Reviews, & Oversight

Preparing for DCAA Audits (2012)

CAS Applicability to IDIQ Contracts (2012)

Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (2008)

Contract Formation

Understanding Bid Protests: The Pros and Cons (2013)

Intellectual Property - Negotiation and Administration of Intellectual Property Rights and Software Licenses (2013)

Protests 101: The Basics of the Protest Process and How to Use It (2012)

Splitting the IP Baby: Allocation of IP Rights Between the Government and Its Contractors and Grantees (2012)


Contract Law, Policies, & Rules of Engagement

Terminations for Convenience: Still Lurking Around the Corner (2014)

5 C's of Successful Contract Management & Engagement (2013)

DoD's Instruction 5000.02: The Intent and Expectations of the Interim Revision (2014)

New EEOC Guidance: What Employers Need to Know About the Use of Criminal Records in the Hiring Process (2012)

Understanding the "Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers" Rule (2012)

NDAA Section 818: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts - Implications for Contractors (2012)

Ethics & Compliance

Current Issues in Government Contract Compliance (2013)

Compliance & Ethics as Sword & Shield: Prevention & Protection in the Whistleblower Era (2013)

Government Contract Compliance Programs: A Practical Approach For Contractors (2012)

Ethics and Compliance for Federal Contractors in an Increasingly Scrutinizing World (2012)

Organizational Conflicts of Interest: Continuing Evolution (2012)


FAR & Contract Management Guidance

FAR/DFARS Updates (2014)

FAR/DFARS Updates (2013)

Improving Source Selection and Reducing Protests in an Age of Austerity (2012)

FAR/DFARS Updates (2012)

Subcontract Flowdowns: Best Practices and Emerging Issues (2014)

FAR Part 12 - Commercial Acquisition

Complexity of Pricing in the Commercial Marketplace (2013)

FAR Part 15 – Contract Pricing and Source Selection

A Year in Protests (2014)

Practical and Tactical Tips to Get You Through Source Selections (2014)

Preparing a Negotiation Memorandum (2013)

Competitive Negotiations (2013)

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable and Best Value: Finding Common Ground in Government Acquisition (2013)

Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Essentials (2012)

Cost & Price Analysis (2012)

Green Procurement

Green Procurements (2011)

International Contracting

Addressing the Government Contracting and Export Control Risks in Your Global Supply Chain (2014)

"Free" Trade? Complying with the Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act (2012)

International Compliance (2011)

Export Controls (2011)


Performance-Based Acquisition

Labor and Employment Law Issues in Government Contracts (2013)

Top Ten Service Contract Act Mistakes and How to Avoid Them to Stay in Compliance and Protect Your Bottom Line (2011)


Post-Award Management & Contract Administration

Contract Administration - Hot-Button Issues & Solutions (2014)

Timekeeping and Labor Cost Accounting: Best Practices in the Absence of Regulatory Requirements (2014)

Debriefings - How to Maximize the Value of These Communications (2013)

Administering and Evaluating Cost Accounting Practice Changes (2011)


Preaward Strategies

Is GSA's Streamlining Initiative Increasing Risks for Contractors? (2014)

Incentive Contracts from a Planning Perspective (2013)

Reverse Auctions 101: The Right Choice at the Right Time for Procurement (2013)

Capability Statements: A View From Both Sides of the Table (2013)


Risk Management

Government Contractors and the Cyber Threat: Practical Steps Toward Compliance with the Government’s New Cybersecurity Requirements (2014)

The Debt Ceiling, Sequestration, and the Fiscal Cliff (2012)

Contract Risk Framework for Program Success (2012)

The Debt Control Initiative - What It Means for Contractors (2011)

Sustainable Acquisition and What it Means for Federal Contractors (2011)

Weathering the Storm: How Contractors Can Prepare for Upcoming Budget Cuts (2011)

Implications of a Government Shutdown - How Should Contractors Prepare? (2011)


Schedule & Task Order Contracting/ Contract Types

Square Peg, Round Hole – Challenges Faced by GSA Schedule Services Contractors (2014)

IDIQ Contracts: The Life Cycle of Task and Delivery Orders in Today's Procurement Environment (2013)

GSA Schedules: Federal Contracting Made Easy (2012)

Advanced Issues in Multiple Award Schedule Contracting (2010)

Types of Contracts (2010)


Service and Health Care Contracting: Affordable Care Act, Challenges and Opportunities

Affordable Care Act: The Clock is Ticking for Government Contractors (2014)

Affordable Care Act: What Government Contractors Need to Focus on Now (2014)

Compliance with the Service Contract Act and Affordable Care Act—What Works and What Doesn't (2014)


Small Business & Socioeconomic Practices

The SBA's Mentor-Protege Program(2014)

Market Research for Small Business in a Time of Limited Interaction (2014)


Subcontract Management

Prime/Subcontractor Relationships: New Developments and Continuing Issues (2013)

Ten Tools of Subcontracting (2013)

Gearing Up: Getting Ready for the Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) (2014)

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