Conference Sessions on Demand (recorded conference sessions)

Conference Sessions on Demand What are Conference Sessions on Demand and how do they work?

Not being able to attend an NCMA annual conference doesn’t mean you should miss out on content pertinent to your career success—especially not when NCMA’s Conference Sessions on Demand (CSoD) offer 24/7 accessibility to the recordings of these conferences.

NEW!! World Congress 2013 breakout sessions!


Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Hours

CPEs are available for most recordings. The hours are noted within the session details.


The on-demand sessions are available at a low price of $25 (members)/$35 (nonmembers).

Technical Requirements and File Access

The recordings are in audio sync-to-slide format and include presentations slides and certificate. Files must be downloaded from the "My Downloads" section of your NCMA  online account.
Important note: Not all files have downloadable presentations.

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Conference Sessions on Demand by Topic



Accounting and Financial Management

Understanding Government Contract Audits (2012)

Indirect Rate Essentials (2012)

How to Successfully Implement an Over Target Baseline/Schedule from a Government Perspective (2012)

How to Keep Your Head Above Water When You Are Drowning in Unfunded Mandates: A View from the Boardroom (2012)

Managing Risk and Reward By Contract Types (2012)

Don't Just Survive an Audit - Be Prepared for It! (2012)

Business and Proposal Development

NEW! The Defined Role of the Contracts Team in the Capture Process (2013)

NEW! How to Gain and Retain Clients: Establishing Trust, Respect, and Likeability Fast (2013)

NEW! Avoiding Proposal and Debriefing Errors: How Contractors Can Win More Contracts and Agencies Can Increase Competition (2013)

NEW! How to Avoid Poorly Written Proposals, Pricing Gaming, and Poor Performance from Federal Contractors (2013)

NEW! Bid and Proposal Costs: How Can Government and Industry Work Together to Get the Best Bang for the Buck? (2013)

The Business Growth Continuum: A Totally Integrated Approach to Business Growth & Sustained Superior Performance (2012)

Pooling Resources in An Austere Procurement Environment - Teaming Agreements (2012)

Successfully Navigating the U.S. Federal Highway- Simplifying the Complexities Dealing with the U.S. Federal Government (2012)

Building RFPs that Build Good Proposals (2012)

Avoiding Proposal and Debriefing Errors: How Contractors Can Win More Contracts and Agencies can Increase Competition (2012)

Up Your Game: Successfully Bridging Contract Management and Business Development Elements to Help Small Business Bid and Win Large IDIQ Contracts and Tasks Orders (2012)

Commercial and International Contracts

Introduction to Commercial Contracts - Understanding the Basics (2012)

Drafting and Negotiating A Cost-Effective ADR Clause for Commercial and International Contracts in 2012 (2012)

The Government's Renewed Interest in Value Engineering - What the Acquisition Professional Needs to Know (2012)

Effective Administration of Commercial Contracts (2012)

Sequestration: What Government Contractors Need to Know (2012)

Communicating Contracts in Split Seconds: Using Visualization Tools to Make Leaders Pay Attention (2012)

Contract Negotiation

NEW! Mastering Five Elements of Persuasion in Government Proposals (2013)

NEW! Meaningful Discussions: What Does That Mean? (2013)

NEW!  Negotiation and Administration of Intellectual Property Rights and Software Licenses (2013)

NEW! Ethics of Negotiation (2013)

NEW! Decoding Ts and Cs: What They All Mean (2013)

What Language Are We Speaking? The Art of Meaningful Discussions (2012)

From Reverse Auctions to Negotiations: Factors Influencing the Decision to Auction or Negotiate (2012)

The Ethics in Negotiations (2012)

A Time Travel Tale - A Mock Negotiation of Liability, Indemnification, and Insurance Provisions by the Government, Prime Contractor, and Subcontractor (2012)

Negotiation and Administration of Intellectual Property Rights and Software Licenses (2012)

The Tao of Contract Management: Understanding and Exploiting the Forces Between Buyers and Sellers (2012)

Cost Estimating and Pricing

NEW! Current Issues in Contractor Incurred Cost Submissions and Government Audits (2013)

NEW! Price to Perform: Pricing Your Contracts to Win is Only Half the Battle; Pricing Them for Long Term Success Benefits the Government Client and Your Company (2013)

NEW! Revisions to Cost-Type Contracts: Controlling Scope, Schedule, and Cost (2013)

NEW! Advanced Issues in Cost and Price Analysis and Cost Realism (2013)

In Defense of Profit (2012)

Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing Fundamentals with Emphasis on Small Business Estimating Practices (2012)

Cost and Price Analysis (2012)

Pricing of Disruption (2012)

Price to Perform: Pricing Your Contracts to Win is Only Half the Battle; Pricing for Long-Term Success Benefits the Government Client and Your Company (2012)

International Contracting

NEW! Obligations for U.S. Contractors Working With or Selling to Foreign Nationals (2013)

NEW! Contracts vs. Assistance: A Comprehensive Comparison of its Differences as Used in the International Arena (2013)

NEW! From Wartime to Peacetime: Interagency Colllaboration for Utilizing DOD Contingency Capabilities for Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Reponse, and Expeditionary Support (2013)

Risk Assesment and Mitigation

NEW! How to Measure and Manage Legal Risk from Contracts (2013)

NEW! Using Risk Management in Mid-Level Management (2013)

NEW! Property Management and Contract Compliance: Best Practices for Manging Risk and Improving Efficiency in the Changing Landscape of Property Management Compliance (2013)

Small Business

NEW! Small and Large Business Collaboration in the Federal Market (2013)

NEW! Suspension and Debarment: What You Need to Know About Federal Suspension and Debarment (2013)

NEW! The Changing World of Small Business Contracting in 2013 (2013)

NEW! The Fish Don't Jump in the Boat (2013)

NEW! A Small Business Survival Kit (2013)

NEW! Responsiveness in Seven Easy Steps (2013)

Subcontracting and Subcontract Management

NEW! Subcontract Flowdown Best Practices From Both the Prime and Subcontractor Perspective (2013)

NEW! Subcontract Management Regulatory Compliance: The Most Current Trends and Issues (2013)

The Top Ten Tools Every Subcontract Managers Needs (2012)

Consent to Subcontract (2012)

Meeting Proprietary Marking Challenges and Structuring NDA's with Subcontractors in the Current Data Rights Environment (2012)

The Oxymoron of the 1099 Employee: Do They Meet the 51% Subcontracting Limit? (2012)

Contracting/Subcontracting with National Industries for the Blind: The Value Proposition of Utilizing the Blind Community (2012)

Form 1S - An Overview (2012)

Technology and Innovation

NEW! Lifting the Fog: How to Create Effective Contracts in a Cloud Computing Environment (2013)

NEW! How Government Purchasing Keeps Failing for Software (2013)

NEW! Cyber What? The Hottest Technology Trends and What They Mean for Federal Contractors From a Contractual Compliance and Legal Perspective (2013)

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