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Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies combines the prestige of a nationally and internationally ranked institution, with the flexibility and affordability for you to earn your SLU degree from anywhere, anytime. Learn more about Contract Management, Project Management, and SLU's other online programs at

Contract Management

Because of requirements set forth by the U.S. federal government, employers that apply for, obtain, and manage government contracts need to ensure that their employees can effectively navigate the contracting process. With SLU's online Contract Management certificate and minor program, you will gain knowledge and skills in procuring, negotiating, and administering contracts with suppliers, distributors, and end-product users. You will also become proficient at developing financially and legally sound contracts as applicable to a variety of industries in domestic and foreign markets.

Coursework completed in SLU’s online Contract Management minor or certificate will be accepted to fulfill the continuing education requirements toward eligibility for NCMA certification (CFCM, CCCM, and CPCM). Successful completion of NCMA exams and other eligibility requirements is necessary to earn NCMA certifications, which are held in the highest regard within the contracting industry, both in the government and commercial arenas.

You may choose this 18-credit hour program as a minor in contract management combined with a major in pursuit of a bachelor's degree, or as a stand-alone contract management certificate. Learn more at:

Project Management

The global disbursement and availability of technology has ushered in a truly global economy. Globalization has resulted in tremendous pressure on organizations to constantly lower their cost structure. Just-in-time inventory, outsourcing, lean manufacturing and off-shoring are just a few of the better-known concepts that have become widely adopted in response to this pressure. These practices have, in turn, led to changes in the very nature of the work being performed.

One of the most significant changes in this knowledge- and information-based economy has been the increase in the amount of work being performed on a project basis. Project-based work has helped organizations to:

  • Become more efficient (lowering their costs);
  • Increase their effectiveness in meeting their goals and objectives; and
  • Improve their flexibility in responding to rapidly changing market conditions.

Project management practices have spread across multiple disciplines from technology to manufacturing, from real estate to construction, and from sales management to service. Through project-based learning, the online Project Management certificate and minor program at Saint Louis University prepares you for the widespread applicability of project management standards and the broad array of fields that are employing project management professionals. It provides you with the opportunity to acquire effective project management knowledge and skills that can be applied to organizations, departments and other environments.

You may choose this 21-credit hour program as a minor in project management combined with a major in pursuit of a bachelor's degree, or as a stand-alone project management certificate. Learn more at:

SLU Online

Learn more about:

  • Certificates in Contract Management and Project Management;
  • Master's degrees in Leadership and Organizational Development and Organizational Informatics; and
  • SLU's other online programs at

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