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Journal of Contract Management 2009

Contracting and Tax Accountability: Ensuring a Level Playing Field Access Restricted
How the passage of the Contracting and Tax Accountability Act of 2009 will ensure a level playing field among prospective contractors in competing for federal contracts.
By: Juanita M. Rendon and Rene G. Rendon

Offset Contracts Under Defense Procurement Regulations in India: Evolution, Challenges, and Prospects Access Restricted
As mandatory offset requirements get deeply ingrained in Indian defense purchases, it is time to consolidate the various threads and move toward a more comprehensive, consistent, and efficient framework for the administration of offset contracts.
By: Sandeep Verma

Sticks, Stones, and $600 Hammers: The Role of Public Discourse and Mythmaking in Federal Acquisition Policy Access Restricted
An overview of some of the major narratives that have negatively impacted the public consciousness concerning the acquisition community, and how contract professionals can prevent current and future narratives from shaping the legal and regulatory environment in which they work.
By: Adam R. Goldstein

The Attorney/Contract Manager: The Intersection of Two Professions Access Restricted
Attorneys who serve as contract managers hold a mantle of ethical duty higher than their non-attorney peers, and would do well to recognize the intersection of their employment with their training, acting at all times in accordance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
By: Michael J . Sofield Jr.

The Great Generational Divide: Training and Development for the Multigenerational Workforce Access Restricted
Organizations can provide effective training and development for their employees by developing a robust strategic program that takes into account the individual qualities of each generation of their employees.
By: R.L. Harrison

Stewardship and Accountability in Public Contracting Access Restricted
With the increasing scrutiny of public contracting today, the traditional unilateral perspective of contract management is no longer sufficient—therefore, a paradigm shift to a bilateral perspective is called for.
By: Alex Denis

The Nature and Scope of Contractor Qualification Systems: A Cross-Jurisprudential Inquiry Access Restricted
A comparative assessment of the bases for selecting contractors for government contracts in Europe, the United States, and Ghana, as well as an analysis of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement and the WTO systems.
By: Dominic N. Dagbanja

A Primer for the Application of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to Nonmilitary Personnel Accompanying the Forces Access Restricted
The UCMJ has been applicable to contractors for nearly two years, and it is essential for contractors to familiarize themselves with their rights under the UCMJ, the unique articles under the UCMJ, and the international laws and contractual language that govern their treatment.
By: Jill A. O’connor

Organizational Intervention: IT Financial Management Systems at State and Local Levels Access Restricted
A review of the District of Columbia Financial Management Project, with comparisons to similar organizations’ public management information system endeavors and recommendations for the successful completion of similar projects.
By: Mary M. Johnson

Best Practices in Service Contracting for State and Local Government Agencies Access Restricted
In the absence of shared comprehensive direction for performing the contracting function and preparing solicitation and contracting documents, state and local government agencies can benefit from best contracting practices for RFPs and service contracts gleaned from agencies nationwide.
By: William Sims Curry

The Expansion of U.S. Contractor Compliance and Mandatory Disclosure Rules Access Restricted
Can the U.S. government achieve the objectives embodied within FAR Case 2007-006, or will these aspirations falter due to the shortcomings of the procurement system’s infrastructure and the impediments created by 2007-006 itself?
By: Dustin Monokian

Government Personal Services Contracting and Antidiscrimination Laws: Tenure for Contractors? Access Restricted
Civil service employees are thought to enjoy “tenure,” or job protection, which does not necessarily extend to personal services contract employees. However, antidiscrimination laws can be used to extend job protection to personal services contract employees.
By: Theodore T. Richard

Squeezing Value Out of Idle Assets: Enhanced Use Leasing in the U.S. Army Access Restricted
While the U.S. Army has implemented enhanced use leases to its great advantage, it must overcome substantive challenges if it is to continue to benefit from this unique authority.
By: Dave Anderson

The W. Gregor Macfarlan Excellence in Contract Management Research and Writing Program Access Restricted
Call for Papers: 2010

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