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Too Dependent on Contractors? Minimum Standards for Responsible Governance Access Restricted
In the outsourcing debate, there are many benefits, challenges, and risks involved in privatization, but it is failed implementation, rather than outsourcing policy, that explains the government's (mis)management of its contractors. This article addresses the issue of outsourcing and explores the minimum standards for responsible governance.
By: Steven L. Schooner and Daniel S. Greenspahn

The Procurement Integrity Act: Is the Government Promoting Unethical Business Practices and Unfair Competition? Access Restricted
In its efforts to streamline procurement practices, it appears that the government may have reinstated the "old boy" network, resulting in fewer contracts being awarded under full and open competition.
By: Debbie Eytchison

A Strategic Approach to Contingency Contracting Access Restricted
As corporate and military strategic decisions stretch the supply chain, strategic contract management becomes critical to effectively and efficiently employ resources filling the noncore void, specifically within contingency operations. The purpose of this article is to explore the application of a strategic approach to contingency contracting to more effectively and efficiently plan and support contingency operations.
By: Tony D'Angelo, Danny Houglan, and Edwin Ruckwardt

Closing the Knowledge Gap: Retention of the Transitory Employee Access Restricted
In order to avoid the seemingly inevitable workforce crisis, companies must identify, recruit, and retain new and experienced "transitory employees" while capturing and holding the intellectual capital that current employees possess.
By: Ratiera L. Harrison

Title to Government Property: Applications and Implications for Property Management, Taxation, and Unintended Consequences Access Restricted
Title to government property is a critical issue in the procurement and contract administration process. Unfortunately, a great deal of confusion exists concerning this issue and greater clarification is needed in order to discover what exactly "title" is, who has it, and what its contractual applications are.
By: Douglas N. Goetz

Comparative Study on International Procurement Systems: Evaluating Capabilities to Expand Abroad Access Restricted
This comprehensive international research study explores the international procurement setting and provides useful insight into the future of global procurement.
By: Elizabeth A. Forster

The Hybrid Supply Chain Model: Commercial Logistics Support and Performance-Based Logistics for the Department of Defense Access Restricted
This assessment examines DOD supply chain solutions and explores the five-year results of a targeted commercial logistics support/permance-based logistics contract to determine if disparate supply chains with dedicated supply chain managers can be integrated into DOD/contractor hybrids that can seamlessly provide warfighters the logistics transparency and timeliness needed to get the job done.
By: Robert Bestercy

Project Management: A Strategic Tool to Improve Contract Administration and Management of GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contracts Access Restricted
In today's procurement environment, contract professionals simply cannot achieve success on their own. This is where project management tools and better collaboration come in.
By: Tiffani Harris

Demystifying Department of Defense Specialty Metals Restrictions (and the Exceptions Thereof) Access Restricted
This article provides insight and instruction in regard to specialty metals restrictions and their various exceptions by presenting relevant governing statutes and regulations and detailed examples in an attempt to simplify the daunting, expensive, and, at times, seemingly impossible task of ensuring compliance with the restrictions.
By: Michael P. Jennings

Women-Owned Small Businesses in the Federal Procurement Market Access Restricted
Women-owned small businesses are currently facing many barriers in the federal procurement market that hinder them from receiving federal contracts.
By: S. Ann Becker and Donn Miller-Kermani

Successful Web-Based Acquisition Managment: A Case Study Access Restricted
FEMA's Office of Acquisition Management has created a Web-based analytic tool to help manage its acquisition life cycle and drive the acquisition staff workload by providing tracking, reporting, and controlling activities while allowing drill-down to individual staff member assignments.
By: Calvin L. Stone

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