Journal of Contract Management

Inside the September 2013 issue...

Low Bid Tyranny, Past Performance, and Reverse Auctions Access Restricted
By: Robert E. Lloyd

Cleaning Up China's Corrupt Construction Industry: E-Procurement Technology and the "Tender and Bidding Law" Access Restricted
By: Daniel Jacob Cook

How to Mitigate Risk in a Portfolio of Contracts Access Restricted
By: Mark D'Antonio

A Nightmare Trifecta for Small Business Contractors: the False Claims Act, Implied Certification, and the Presumed Loss Rule Access Restricted
By: Meggan Medina

Department of Defense Insourcing of Contracted Manpower Positions Access Restricted
By: Mark J. Garrette

The Harrier AV-8B and the U.S. Roland Programs: A Comparative View of Technology Transfer to the United States of European-Designed Systems Access Restricted
By: Robert Foxcurran

Best Practices of Developing Performance-Based Acquisitions to Save the U.S. Federal Government Money Access Restricted
By: Cynthia Morgan

The Battlefield Preemption Doctrine: Preempting Tort Claims Against Contractors on the Battlefield to Preserve Federal Interests in Wartime Matters Access Restricted
By: Sonia Tabriz

Acquisition Modernization: Transitioning Technology into Warfighter Capability Access Restricted
By: Karl L. VanDenTop

The Engage Learning Decisions: Significant Contracting Lessons Gleaned from a Small-Dollar Claim Access Restricted
By: John B. Wyatt III

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