Journal of Contract Management

Inside the September 2012 issue...

The Struggle to Achieve Fairness When the Federal Government Terminates A Contract for Its Convenience Access Restricted
By: John B. Wyatt III

"SPOT On" Contracting: Improving Transparency and Contractor Personnel Monitoring in Contingency Operations Access Restricted
By: Collin D. Swan

Try Before You Buy: Accepting Free Product Testing as a Valid Market Research Tool in IT Acquisition Access Restricted
By: Katherine M. John

Time for a Visual Turn in Contracting? Access Restricted
By: Helena Haapio, Gerlinde Berger-Walliser, Bjorn Walliser, and Katri Rekola

Suspension and Debarment: Why the Commission on Wartime Contracting's Recommendations Miss the Mark Access Restricted
By: Brian Young

The Importance of a Condition Precedent to Payment Requirement for Implied Certification Liability Under the False Claims Act Access Restricted
By: Rob Sneckenberg

Combating Official Corruption in International Business Transactions Access Restricted
By: Christopher J. Garrett

Understanding the Life Cycle of Forward Pricing Rates and Their Impact on Contract Negotiations Access Restricted
By: Allie Stanzione

Model-Based Enterprise: An Innovative Technology-Enabled Contract Management Approach Access Restricted
By: Mitzi S. Whittenburg

A Multifaceted Approach to Closing the Gender Divide for the Contract Management Profession Access Restricted
By: Whitney G. Million

Mediation as Alternative Dispute Resolution before the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Access Restricted
By: Jeffrey F. Pan

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