Journal of Contract Management Reviewer Criteria Sheet

Be Specific

It is critical that you tell the author what the problems are and how these problems can be addressed. This should be in the form of specific comments, reactions, and suggestions. The more specific you can be, the more helpful your review.

Be Constructive

If the problems cannot be fixed in the current study, try to suggest how the author could improve the next attempt.

Identify Strengths

Although it is critical to point out weaknesses, it is equally important to identify strengths. Distinguish between limitations that can be fixed or modified and those that cannot. You are doing a great service to the field when you can help an author shape a manuscript into an insightful contribution.

Identify Contribution Level

As you review the manuscript, keep in mind the overall contribution offered. There is no point in publishing a technically correct and theoretically coherent paper if the contribution is not meaningful and interesting.

Be Mindful of Non-English Native Authors

Sometimes, you will be asked to review manuscripts written by non-English native authors. It is important for you to distinguish between the quality of the writing, which may be fixed, and the quality of the ideas that writing communicates.

Investigate Uncertain Issues

If you are uncertain about issues in your review, take a moment to check your facts, if possible. Incorrect statements in reviews reflect poorly on the editorial staff and the journal.

Personalize Your Review

Try to be “author-friendly” and imagine what you would say if you were speaking to the author in person.

Be Objective

If you have any doubt of your ability to be objective, please request not to review the particular manuscript.

Don’t Discuss the Manuscript

Do not discuss the manuscript with anyone other than the editor at any time.

Paper No._____


Date of Review____________

Substance Checklist






Does the manuscript make a new and meaningful contribution to the literature?


Have you given proper reference or citation to the original source of the comments that you write, if they are taken from another work or even your own?

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