Journal of Contract Management Editorial Guidelines

Authorship and Acknowledgements

Authorship attributed only to a group (e.g., the Santa Rosa Study Group) will not be acceptable. At least one person’s name must accompany the group name. The group name should appear after the authors’ names, as follows: “Thelma J. Smith, Louise J. Jones, and Duane J. Brown, for the Santa Rosa Study Group.”

To conserve space, the limited list of acknowledgements will be listed only once, along with their institutions (one each). Committee names, numbers of contributors, and other details about the process of the study will not be included. Acknowledgments cannot fill more than one column of Journal space (about 600 words small type).

Redundant Publications

We will continue to rely on the honesty and judgment of authors to inform us of any redundancies. We are not eager to act as “prior-publication police,” and we do not conduct research to determine whether an author has committed one of the several forms of redundant publication.

Materials are accepted for consideration if neither the manuscript nor any part of its essential substance, tables, or figures has been or will be published or submitted elsewhere before appearing in JCM. This restriction does not apply to abstracts or press reports published about scientific meetings. Authors should submit to the editor copies of any published manuscripts or other manuscripts in preparation or submitted elsewhere that are related to the manuscript to be considered by the Journal. The Journal discourages the submission of more than one manuscript dealing with related aspects of the same study.

Conflicts of Interest (Financial, Intellectual, and Others)

Authors of research manuscripts should disclose at the time of submission any financial arrangement they may have with a company whose product figures are used in the submitted manuscript or with a company making a competing product. Such information will be held in confidence while the manuscript is under review and will not influence the editorial decision. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the editors will usually discuss with the authors the manner in which such information is to be communicated to the reader. JCM expects that authors of such manuscripts will not have any financial interest in a company or its competitors.

Our decision to exclude authors with conflicts of interest is simply another criterion designed to ensure that the manuscripts are of maximal credibility and interest to our readers.

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