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Article Submissions

Contract Management Magazine seeks original and useful articles dealing with contract management problems, insights, applications, and opinions. As a contract management professional, your personal experiences in the field can be valuable to readers. We accept articles on a rolling basis. Click here for more information.

Your manuscript should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document to the director of publications/editor in chief, Kerry McKinnon Hansen, at Include your contact information in the e-mail (full name, phone number, e-mail address).


To subscribe to Contract Management, contact Member Services at 800-344-8096.

Back Issues:

Members and subscribers can request back issues of the magazine. Typically only the past few months’ issues are available due to varying inventory. To request an issue, contact Member Services at 800-344-8096.

Article Reprints:

Looking to increase awareness for your products or services? Take advantage of the articles written and edited specifically for contract management professionals published in Contract Management Magazine and the Journal of Contract Management. NCMA content can be tailored to fit your marketing and promotional needs and can be delivered via print or electronic format.


Professionally printed reprints can be customized with your company logo, company advertisements, custom covers, full color, and more.


Digital articles (ePrints) are versatile and can be customized in the same way as print versions. Our ePrints are user-friendly, mobile-ready, and can be posted to a company website and distributed via email or social media campaigns.

Contact us today to discuss the many options available:

Matt Neiderer
800-635-7181 ext. 8265

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NCMA grants one-time reprint permission (non-commercial) for articles for which it owns copyright. If NCMA cannot grant reprint permission, we will try to put you in touch with someone who can.

To request permission to photocopy or reuse any CM article in your publication, send an e-mail to Ryan Burke at detailing the title of the article, author, page number, volume/issue of CM, and where and when the article will be used. If you are going to photocopy an article for non-commercial distribution, state how many copies you wish to make.

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