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Written and edited specifically for contract management professionals, and established in 1977, CM is NCMA’s flagship publication, providing comprehensive reporting on current issues and trends relevant to both public and private sectors.

Editorial is presented from both government and commercial viewpoints. CM articles keep readers on top of late-breaking developments. Editorial "departments" present opinion pieces, information for beginners and for legal scholars, information for small businesses, as well as rich and varied feature material.

Inside the August 2014 issue...

Best Practices are a Two-Way Street: What Private Businesses Can Learn From the Public Sector Access Restricted
Best practices are not the exclusive domain of the private sector, and in some important areas, businesses can learn, benefit, and profit from government experiences.
By: Joseph G. Jordan and F. Glenn Richardson

The Illusion of Small Business Set-Asides in Information Technology Procurement Access Restricted
How U.S. government dollars flow through to large businesses in IT small business set-asides and why agencies and offerors should carefully consider the application of SBA regulations before restricting a solicitation or bidding on one.
By: Jeffrey M. Ellinport

Begin With the Outcome, and Work Backward: The Deconstructing Contract Outcomes Technique Access Restricted
Acquisition professionals and customers alike still experience difficulty in building performance-based specifications, but the DCOT provides greater insight into performance-based requirements, begins with the end in mind, and builds backward.
By: James N. Phillips Jr.

Our Chat with Katrina McFarland, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) Access Restricted
NCMA Executive Director Michael Fischetti recently interviewed the Honorable Katrina McFarland, assistant secretary of defense (acquisition), to discuss the state of defense acquisition, as well as initiatives to bolster the defense acquisition workforce.
By: Ryan Burke

"Acquisition-as-a-Service": The Future of Federal Contract Management Access Restricted
Today's procurement professionals must focus on improving the process, and acquisition-as-a-service is a clear way of ensuring fast, comprehensive improvements with transparency and flexibility.
By: Chris O'Connell

The Five Deadly Errors: Dates, Times, Quantities, Dollars, and Instructions Access Restricted
Too often solicitations and proposals fall prey to these pesky errors. This article outlines the mitigation strategies necessary to inoculate yourself from them.
By: James N. Phillips Jr.

Professional Development Access Restricted
Sharing Knowledge and Experience: You Know You Should, You Have the Time, So Get Out There!
By: Christopher Mikaelian

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Turning Square Corners
By: Jack Horan

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