DOD, GSA, and NASA Standardize Past Performance Evaluations

October 2, 2013

DOD, GSA, and NASA Standardize Past Performance Evaluations

On August 1, 2013, DOD, GSA, and NASA issued a final rule amending the FAR’s past performance evaluation procedures. Under the new rule, such evaluations are to be conducted annually and at the completion of work under each contract or order. Additionally, the new rule standardizes the evaluation criteria and rating system for past performance evaluations. Contracting officers must base their evaluations upon at least the following five categories:

Other factors, such as tax delinquency, defective cost or pricing data, and suspension or debarment, may also be considered where appropriate.


Contracting officers must then provide one of the following ratings for each evaluated category:

Once these evaluations are completed, the new rule requires that they be entered into the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System. The rule became effective September 3, 2013. (78 Fed. Reg. 46783, 8/1/13.)     

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