DOT Proposes to Update Regulations Governing Procurement, Management, and Administration of Engineering- and Design-Related Services Related to Highway Construction Projects

October 1, 2012

On September 4, 2012, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to update the regulations governing the procurement, management, and administration of engineering- and design-related services directly related to a highway construction project and reimbursed with federal-aid highway program funding. The proposed rule would amend 23 C.F.R. Part 172 to ensure that agencies no longer use “alternative” or “equivalent” qualifications-based selection procedures to procure engineering- and design-related services. In addition, the proposed rule would revise the small purchase procedures to reflect the increase in the federal simplified acquisition threshold to $150,000. Written comments on the proposed rule should be submitted on or before November 5, 2012. (77 Fed. Reg. 53802, 9/4/2012.)

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