DoD to Hold Public Meeting on Proposed Rule for Reporting of Government-Furnished Property

October 19, 2011

DoD is proposing to amend the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to revise and expand reporting requirements for Government-furnished property to include items uniquely and non-uniquely identified and clarify policy for contractor access to Government supply sources. Reference Federal Register Volume 76, Number 202 (Wednesday, October 19, 2011).

DoD is hosting a public meeting to discuss the proposed rule on November 17, 2011, at 1 p.m. EST in the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council (DARC) Conference Room, 241

18th Street South, Suite 200A, Arlington, VA 22202-3409.

DoD published a proposed rule under DFARS Case 2009-D043 at 75 FR 80426 on December 22, 2010. The due date for public comments under DFARS Case 2009-D043 was extended from February 22, 2011, to April 8, 2011, by 76 FR 9527 on February 18, 2011. DoD has closed that case into this new case, DFARS Case 2012-D001, but will address the comments

received in response to that case in this Federal Register notice for DFARS Case 2012-D001. This proposed rule would require contractors to report serially managed Government-furnished property to the DoD Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry. Current DFARS policy requires contractors to report to the DoD IUID Registry property that is classified as equipment, special tooling, and special test equipment items valued at $5,000 or more, and items valued at less than $5,000 when required in accordance with contract terms and conditions. This proposed rule would also rename and revise the clause at DFARS 252.211-7007, Reporting of Government-Furnished Equipment in the IUID Registry, accordingly, and make the clause applicable to commercial-item procurements. DFARS clause 252.251-7000, Ordering from Government Supply Sources, is also proposed for revision to require electronic receipts of property obtained from a Government supply source.

Public Meeting Registration: Individuals wishing to attend the public meeting should register least one week in advance to ensure adequate room accommodations and to facilitate admittance into the meeting. Registrants will be given priority if room constraints require limits on attendance. Attendees are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early. To register, please go to-- and submit the following information:

(1) Company or organization name.

(2) Full names of persons attending.

(3) Identity if desiring to speak (limit to a 10-minute presentation per company or organization).

(4) Last four digits of social security number for each person attending (non-Federal employees only).

Send questions about registration or the submission of comments to the e-mail address at the Web site previously identified. Please cite ''Public meeting, DFARS Case 2012-D001'' in the subject line of the e-mail.

Attendees should bring a valid picture ID for in-processing. From the entrance to Suite 200A, they will be directed to the DARC Conference Room. If an attendee's name is not on the list provided in advance of the meeting, the attendee will still be allowed into the meeting, if seating is available.  Special Accommodations: The public meeting site is physically

accessible to people with disabilities. Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Ms. Meredith Murphy, telephone 703-602-1302, at least 10 working days prior to the meeting.

Presentations: If you wish to make a presentation, please submit a copy of your presentation to the Web site identified in this section or to facsimile 703-602-0350, no later than November 3, 2011. Please cite ''Public Meeting, DFARS Case 2012-D001'' in all correspondence related to this public meeting. The submitted presentations will be the only record of the public meeting. If you intend to have your presentation considered as a public comment for the formation of a final rule, the presentation must be submitted separately as a written comment as instructed below.

Comments on the proposed rule should be submitted in writing to the address shown below on or before December 19, 2011, to be considered in the formation of the final rule. You may submit comments, identified by DFARS Case 2012-D001, using any of the following methods: Submit comments via the Federal eRulemaking portal by entering ''DFARS Case 2012-D001'' under the heading ''Enter keyword or ID'' and selecting ''Search.'' Select the link ''Submit a Comment'' that corresponds with ''DFARS Case 2012-D001.'' Follow the instructions provided at the ''Submit a Comment'' screen. Please include your name, company name (if any), and ''DFARS Case 2012-D001'' on your attached document.

E-mail: Include DFARS Case 2012-D001 in the subject line of the message.

Fax: 703-602-0350.

Mail: Defense Acquisition Regulations System, Attn: Meredith Murphy, OUSD(AT&L)DPAP/DARS, Room 3B855, 3060 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-3060.

Comments received generally will be posted without change to, including any personal information provided. To confirm receipt of your comment(s), please check, approximately two to three days after submission to verify posting (except allow 30 days for posting of comments submitted by mail).

For a discussion and analysis of the public comments previously submitted, please go to

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Meredith Murphy, telephone 703-602-1302. 

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