DOD Creates DOD-Specific eSRS Procedures

April 9, 2013

DOD Creates DOD-Specific eSRS Procedures

On February 28, 2013, the Department of Defense (DOD) issued a final rule amending the Defense FAR Supplement to provide DOD-specific procedures and policies for the Electronic Subtracting Reporting System (eSRS), a system used by the government to collect data on the use of subcontractors. Under the final rule, DOD contracts must include the clause at 252.219–7003, “Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DOD Contracts),” requiring the contractor to submit a report in the eSRS in any contract that contains the Federal Acquisition Regulation’s “Small Business Subcontracting Plan” clause. Additionally, prime contractors are required to include clauses in their subcontracts that will flow these requirements down to the subcontractor. The final rule became effective February 28, 2013. (78 Fed. Reg. 13545, 2/28/2013.)

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