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Low Bid Tyranny, Past Performance, and Reverse Auctions Access Restricted
By: Robert E. Lloyd

Cleaning Up China's Corrupt Construction Industry: E-Procurement Technology and the "Tender and Bidding Law" Access Restricted
By: Daniel Jacob Cook

How to Mitigate Risk in a Portfolio of Contracts Access Restricted
By: Mark D'Antonio

A Nightmare Trifecta for Small Business Contractors: the False Claims Act, Implied Certification, and the Presumed Loss Rule Access Restricted
By: Meggan Medina

Department of Defense Insourcing of Contracted Manpower Positions Access Restricted
By: Mark J. Garrette

The Harrier AV-8B and the U.S. Roland Programs: A Comparative View of Technology Transfer to the United States of European-Designed Systems Access Restricted
By: Robert Foxcurran

Best Practices of Developing Performance-Based Acquisitions to Save the U.S. Federal Government Money Access Restricted
By: Cynthia Morgan

The Battlefield Preemption Doctrine: Preempting Tort Claims Against Contractors on the Battlefield to Preserve Federal Interests in Wartime Matters Access Restricted
By: Sonia Tabriz

Acquisition Modernization: Transitioning Technology into Warfighter Capability Access Restricted
By: Karl L. VanDenTop

The Engage Learning Decisions: Significant Contracting Lessons Gleaned from a Small-Dollar Claim Access Restricted
By: John B. Wyatt III

Published annually, the Journal is a broad-based publication devoted to the dissemination of research and improvement of the contract management field, serving both the buying and selling communities of the public and private sectors.

Its editorial scope spans a wide-range of topics in the field. It strives to comprehensively cover the contract management discipline by publishing conceptual, empirical, and practical application manuscripts that demonstrate substantial conceptual development, appropriate methodology, proven best practices, and value-added topic areas.

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