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Outsourcing Cyberwarfare: Drawing the Line for Inherently Governmental Functions in Cyberspace Access Restricted
By: James R. Lisher II

A Second Helping at the Last Supper: Alternative Government Options to Manage Consolidation within the Defense Industry Access Restricted
By: Justin Wakefield

Improving Ethical Behavior in Contract Management: Taking a Principled Approach Access Restricted
By: Theresa Robinson-Harris and Lyall J. Swim

Why Small Business Self-Certification Should be Abolished and Replaced: A Case Against Fraud Access Restricted
By: Hersh Friedman

Procuring Protection: Using the False Claims Act to Combat Human Trafficking by Government Contractors Access Restricted
By: Caitlin Grimmer

Outcome-Focused Market Intelligence: Extracting Better Value and Effectiveness from Strategic Sourcing Access Restricted
By: Timothy G. Hawkins, Michael E. Knipper, and Timothy S. Reed

Congressional Role in Procurement Activities: Do Special Committees Ensure Sweeping Reform or Status Quo? A Loot at One Recommendation from the Commission on Wartime Contracting Access Restricted
By: Kristine R. Hoffman

Creating Sustained Competitive Advantages through Proactive Contracting Access Restricted
By: Midia Tayyeb

Now is the Time to Update the Model Procurement Code to Provide Guidance on Reverse Auctions Access Restricted
By: Greg Harding

Yet Another Task for the U.S. Procurement System: Protecting Foreign Affairs Public Values Access Restricted
By: George E. Petel

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Its editorial scope spans a wide-range of topics in the field. It strives to comprehensively cover the contract management discipline by publishing conceptual, empirical, and practical application manuscripts that demonstrate substantial conceptual development, appropriate methodology, proven best practices, and value-added topic areas.

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