Marines Open Infantry Training to Hundreds More Female Officers

July 10, 2014

The opportunity for women to attend the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course experiment won’t be limited to entry-level officers for much longer. Starting this October, company-grade officers — lieutenants and captains — who have already served in another primary occupation will be allowed to raise their hands and give IOC a shot.

The move, announced Thursday in a Marine administrative message, is designed to pull more volunteers through the course as part of the Corps’ ongoing study of the possibility of opening more ground combat jobs to women. Marine officials said one goal of the three-year experiment was to have nearly 100 female officers attempt IOC after the nine-month entry-level officer training at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.; but with a little more than a year to go until the study’s conclusion, only 20 female second lieutenants have attempted the course, and none have passed.

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