More and More Americans are Feeling the Effects of the Sequester

May 29, 2013

Back in April, lawmakers had a brief moment of panic over the sequester. The across-the-board spending cuts threatened to cause delays at airports across the country. So Congress quickly passed a bill to divert $253 million to air-traffic controllers. Crisis averted.

Since then, however, politicians haven’t said much about the rest of the $85 billion in federal spending cuts that went into effect March 1. The sequester will automatically cut defense spending by 7.9 percent and everything else by 4.6 percent, chopping bluntly through everything from national parks to R&D.

But so far, the political backlash has been restrained. The U.S. economy is still chugging along, after all. And even President Obama seems resigned to the cuts these days, preferring instead to highlight America’s shrinking deficit.

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