Shared Services Can Be a Money Maker for Some Agencies

May 20, 2013

Sharing services isn’t just a good way for federal departments to lower information technology costs, it’s also a way for underfunded agencies to scratch back some of their dwindling budgets by providing services to their peers, a Customs and Border Protection official said Monday.

CBP’s technology division has lost more than $600 million or about half its operating budget over the past four years as money has been shifted to pay for more border patrol officers, CBP Chief Technology Officer Wolfe Tombe said.

The only way Tombe’s office could absorb those cuts and continue to perform its mission was to ramp up shared services it could offer to other Homeland Security Department divisions for a “charge back” fee, he said.

CBP has developed infrastructure as a service and email as a service products for other Homeland Security divisions to purchase, he said.

Tombe was speaking during a panel discussion at the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s annual Management of Change conference in Cambridge, Md.

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